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Sinus Pressure

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12,597 conversations around the web about Sinus Pressure to help you make a decision
12,597 conversations around the web about Sinus Pressure to help you make a decision
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Sinus Pressure & Gum

We found 41 discussions
" ...have had a lot of sinus pressure-headaches over the allergy season, chewing gum helps tremendously! When my... "

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" ...have horrible sinus allergies. I too pick my gums when I feel sinus pressure (both the bottom and ...even after my gums bleed, because the sensation feels bet... "

" ...have a little cold and the sinus pressure is making my ears pop (as if i ...a lot of bubble gum and nothing is helping! Its getting on my nerves. Im taking Claritin D. Its helping with the cold... "

" ...related.... Yes I have had some minor pain and soreness develop in ...a really hard piece of gum on one side or the ...dealing with a lot of sinus pressure from seasonal allergies so I... "

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" ...pot! I have the world's worst allergies even before ...up and relieves the sinus pressure. Other tips for sinus pressure/headaches: steam (stand in the ...eyes, chewing some mint/spearmint g... "

" ...night while sleeping I get nasal congestion followed by tooth and ...pain in my upper back gum....the thing is I had those ...still have pain from the sinus pressure even though no teeth are... "

" ...crap today. My mouth still hurts from my gum surgery last Friday. I have a cold with sinus pressure. I have laryngitis and can't speak at all. I have headaches galore. I'm... "

" ...dry, I can't tell. Chewing gum helps. I feel like I ...a withdraw symptom. I had some bad sinus pressure the past 2-3 days but that seems better. Im not dehydrated. I don't think I'm... "

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" ...fell into the typical addiction cycle of use again, starting off with only ...myself. I feel like used gum on the bottom of a ...the head mentally. I've had a sinus pressure headache from hel... "

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" ...ears have been somewhat affected by sinus pressure the entire ...pressure. Is there anything I can do to relieve this? I've tried chewing bubble gum, opening my mouth wide (like I'm yawning), ... "

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