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Sinus Headaches

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(Sinus headache)
Sinusitis is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which may be due to infection, allergy, or autoimmunity issues. Most cases are du...
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Common Sinus Headaches treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,457 Sudafed 998 Advil 533
30,154 conversations around the web about Sinus Headaches to help you make a decision
30,154 conversations around the web about Sinus Headaches to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Sinus Headaches

Sinus Headaches & Lemon Juice

We found 23 discussions
" ...sort of got a headache (sinus pressure thingy) so I'm ...coconut, pineapple, bit of lemon juice, banana and RUM!) It'll make me feel... "

" 5.15.9 Bad Sinus Headache again today. Really hoping this surgery makes me feel better. Workout - 1 hour bike Ride with my ...Red Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Tahini, Lemon Juice, Spices With Ezekiel... "

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" ...get a natural anti-histamine effect. We give tastes like lemon juice straight,) and I ...used to get bad sinus headaches, but tho... "

" ...grilled chicken breast topped with lemon juice and garlic salt. I couldnt normal lunch. Actually feeling sluggish and have a sinus headache on the right side again. Hmmmmmmmmmm I also d... "

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" ...pretty crunchy/earthy solution but Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome at thinning mucus. (Don't ...used it for my sinus headaches and it really works. ...with water, honey and lemon juice (put it... "

" ...FEEDBACK \"I used Tomatoe Soup/Tea V8, lemon juice, Tapatio hot sauce, garlic. I, not much better..I still have a an ongoing sinus headache, I can't taste anything, my... "

" ...batch of henna using only lemon juice. Don't quote me but, I the mix and if lemon juice was too much, then oj look it up. (Major sinus headache) Just want to say after... "

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" So how much garlic should you eat if you are trying to cure a sinus infection? ...low grade fever, and sinus headaches. Drives me BATTY, and ...and I tried putting lemon juice in my nose which... "

" ...same thing, plus a sinus headache. Yesterday all day I ...with 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and 1-2 tablespoons o... "

" ...going to steam my face now, because of the sinus headache I've had all day. The other thing you can ...mugful of boiled water add lemon juice and honey and you have... "

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