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Other names: Zocor
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Simvastatin (International Nonproprietary Name) (Zocor and generics) is a hypolipidemic agent used to control elevated choleste...
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Simvastatin for High Cholesterol
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Does Simvastatin cause Frequent Urination ?

#223 in Simvastatin discussions - 10 posts discuss Frequent Urination with Simvastatin. Frequent Urination is #223 concern in Simvastatin discussions.
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We found 10 discussions
urination continued and then I began to have tingling...
" ...taking my first dosage I began to have night sweats, frequent urination and extreme swelling of my knees, ankles and feet. After about a month the night sweats ceased but the frequent urination... "

the simvastatin last week, and my insomnia is gone....
" I stopped the simvastatin last week, and my insomnia is gone. The frequent urination is still there but I will see a urologist ...My mom & sister take 10mg lipitor daily with no problems at all, ... "

for high BP, suffer frequent urination. What to do? Hi...
" my seventys I have had high blood pressure for 12months I am taking cilazapril tablets,simvastatin,along with asprin. I am under my doctor now as I am passing urine every two hours day and... "

is 127/79.i have frequent urination espescially at about...
" ...frequent urination espescially at about 3 times at night.i would like to stop amlodipine [10 mg] tablets .which i feel is causing the problem i had a psa blood test which came back negative i... "

I was only taking 5mg simvastatin. I stopped two days ago,...
" ...only taking 5mg simvastatin. I stopped two ...urinate quite frequently. Is simvastatin the only generic out there for cholorestrol meds? I do believe ...and maybe the frequent urination wh... "

taking Simvastatins 20mg doesnt cause...
" this page a, taking Simvastatins 20mg doesnt... "

gain, frequent urination, increased numbness in hands. B12...
" ...frequent urination, increased numbness in ...25mg HCTZ, 20mg simvastatin and aspirin (occasionaly). Vit B12 for 3 months now. Now I am feeling that my both hands easily gets numb when r... "

frequent urination, sweating. High blood sugar. Abdominal...
" Weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination, sweating. High blood sugar. Abdominal pain. Have hypertension. Diabetes? 43 years old, hypertensive, takes Norvasc 5mg and Simvastatin... "

urination; diarrhea; occasional dizziness and tired...
" ...the Lumbar region; frequent urination; diarrhea; occasional dizziness pituitary. The frequent urination is about every ...several meds, Hydrocodone, Simvastatin, Omeprazole, Levothyroxi... "

time. I take simvastatin (Zocor generic statin drug) and...
" ...and had 2 stents placed at that time. I take simvastatin (Zocor generic statin drug) and 1 full aspirin daily. ...I would like to find a way to cure the frequent urination problem. Thank you for... "

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