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Silver Nitrate + Wound

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991 conversations around the web about Silver Nitrate + Wound to help you make a decision
991 conversations around the web about Silver Nitrate + Wound to help you make a decision
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Silver Nitrate & Wound

We found 991 discussions
" ...will often put silver nitrate on an open incision to help cauterize the wound and prevent infection.... "

" ...a small granuloma. Her pulmonologist said that the ent will use silver nitrate to freeze it ...leave a wound ... "

" ...silver nitrate applied before. I ...4 week checkup I was still bleeding. The Dr. applied ...easy way to cauteriz... "

" My surgeon cauterized (burned with silver nitrate) the tissue every couple of still packing the wound to keep it from... "

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" used to cauterize the wound; in essence, to ...grow. Two years is too long to have to heal; I recommend finding a board-certified colorectal surgeo... "

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" ...I'm in a lot less pain. The Dr. says my wound should start healing a lot faster now. She put some silver nitrate in there today and MAN... "

" ...Di ba vampires have a weakness for silver, too? ...I also thought that liquid silver nitrate was inside the bullet para ...pwedeng madukot from the wound. Pero yu... "

" My mother had horrible necrotic skin problems once that wash with dial soap and then he used silver nitrate after debriding sessions. Her wound heal quickly with this... "

" I too had silver nitrate, and I can understand your pain. I'm normally highly tolerant ...passed out. At least the wound clinic was a reasonably ... "

" clean and pack the wound twice a day. Infection finally cleared up on week 7. ...and closed the incision with silver nitrate at about 7 1/2 weeks.... "

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