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Umbilical Hernia

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Ask a question
Congenital umbilical hernia is a congenital malformation, common in infants of African descent. Among adults, it is three times more ...
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13,570 conversations around the web about Umbilical Hernia to help you make a decision
13,570 conversations around the web about Umbilical Hernia to help you make a decision
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Side Effects & Umbilical Hernia

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" ...for fibroscan and then make the decision; or any side effect of dytor? I have umbilical hernia. what should I do? any other examination? CEA 19.9 ...will I do sir. I am bit confused. is this a g... "

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" ...can get. It's grotesque. My twin pregnancy caused me to have an umbilical hernia, so even after I had ...go-round! Hooray for random pregnancy side-effects you never even knew... "

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" Wow, I didn't know about the adverse reactions/complications. My friend had a *umbilical hernia* repaired a couple of years back, and they used a piece of mesh. Now they had to... "

" ...knew pre-op about my hiatal hernia and ended up getting an umbilical hernia repaired also, that I ...note: It's great that you presently have no gerd or acid reflux, ...can be a side effec... "

" out, too. :( Like you, I would have guessed an umbilical hernia, but I don't know if that would have anything was a very unpleasant side-effect of taking my first son's... "

" ...Hernia can be a problem but isn't a given side-effect and can be repaired with relatively small op. I had an umbilical hernia repaired,no probs and my belly button looks better than... "

" ...the vaginal canal making it harder for the baby to come out. An umbilical hernia is a side effect of the diastasis recti. I have a free film on the Perfect Pushing... "

" ...incision points and cough do you feel anything bulge? Umbilical hernias are a not-particularly uncommon side effect of robotic prostate surgery. I have a mild one.... "

" ...a few queries about some 'side effects' of that (umbilical hernia) and other things. Also, does ...does this help you feel better/give good treatment? many... "

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" Large intestines and an Umbilical hernia repaired. Couldn't say if it is a side effect of the op: or it... "

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