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Shortness Of Breath

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Dyspnea ( also dyspnoea Latin language: dyspnoea Greek language: , d spnoia), shortness of breath ...
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Common Shortness Of Breath treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 5,707 Albuterol 3,975 Ventolin 2,339
837,219 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
837,219 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
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Shortness Of Breath & Lavender Oil

We found 49 discussions
" ...same with the breathlessness atm. I think ...infection but my anxiety and stress ...helping things. Hot bath, lavender oil and deep breath... "

" Hey I suffer from chest pains/shortness of breath all the time, I have ...several times, I have had pleurisy and bronchitis on many occasions. Push sleep too (Add lavender oil - if y... "

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" I have a rash as well - all my throat which makes breathing difficult. I've gone gluten and dairy ...helps though, I've been using lavender oil - dabbed directly on to... "

" ...coconut oil, lavender oil and bicarbonate ...use? I suffer from hyperhidrosis an excessive sweating condition will it reduce sweating or get rid of B.O?? When i use mitchum i feel a bit breat... "

" ...I was fitter I'd be better on the stairs and not get out of breath quite so quickly, getting out of breath makes me anxious in ...anxiety apart from using lavender oil and rescue remedy. I'm... "

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" My LO had RSV at 8 weeks and ...mist humidifier at night with lavender oil (a natural airway opener), as ...she looks like she's having difficulty breathing (skin pulls in through the... "

" ...just herbal. I have tried lavender oil on my pillow but it ...Sometimes I worry that I am suffering with sleep apnea because I have woken ...many times feeling like I can't breathe but my do... "

" ...sweetheart. You had a bad anxiety attack. These r a ...up try (I know it's hard) breathing techniques, calming/relaxing bath and it sounds silly but I take lavender oil everywhere with me. If I... "

" ...way that she is allergic to Tea ...became so wheezy and breathless had to be given several doses of my asthma inhaler (at the ...purified and concentrated natural extracts. Lavender oil shoul... "

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" ...feeling ok. I only have panic attacks when I'm asleep. I'm ...few times feeling like I can't breath, racing heart and a bit of ...take a warm bath with lavender oil and read a book in... "

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