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Shivering (also called shuddering) is a bodily function in response to early hypothermia in warm-blooded animals. When the core ...
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155,777 conversations around the web about Shivering to help you make a decision
155,777 conversations around the web about Shivering to help you make a decision
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Shivering & Teeth Chattering

14% of the posts that mention Teeth Chattering also mention Shivering (441 posts)
Teeth Chattering
We found 441 discussions
" I have shivers and have the teeth chattering also. Feels like I am goes away. The teeth chattering I notice as soon ...stressed or a the shivers starts o... "

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" Have any of you had uncontrollable teeth chattering and/or shivering as a side effect to the Oxaliplatin? Xeloda? A friend has had this, and her drs... "

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" ...up in the night and am so cold i am shivering and my jaw hurts from my teeth chattering. and my skin is warm so i know there... "

" Lol, I keep having cold flashes bs hot flashes. I'm loving that. Today ...seizure or something. I got to shivering a whole body shiver, my teeth chattering so hard I couldn't talk... "

" ...chattering along with shivering when he was taking Trilafon. It stopped when... "

" inside. I also get the shivering in my mouth (teeth chattering, buzzing, vibrating, bubbling sensations). My ...I hope you did not have an actual seizure and I'm glad you're... "

" Yea, when I am having an emet attack, I usually get the shivers and sometimes the shakes, with my teeth chattering and all sorts (though I didn't know there was a possible link to IBS - I will... "

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" ...fancied a change really The sky has gone all dark. Just found my little whippet shivering under the bed, you can hear her teeth chatteri... "

" ...heat up in the van even though I get teeth chattering cold within minutes and literally start getting hypothermic symptoms ...and fuck my mum. I am sitting in my house shivering and I can't feel... "

" ...measure. I would get strange \"pains\" on and off ...warm me up and i am literally shivering with my teeth chattering, and then other days ...hormones! I also now have \"growing pains\" to co... "

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