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(Herpes zoster)
Herpes zoster (or simply zoster), commonly known as shingles and also known as zona, is a viral disease characterize...
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Common Shingles treatments discussed around the web
Valtrex 2,853 Acyclovir 2,305 Lyrica 1,410
153,400 conversations around the web about Shingles to help you make a decision
153,400 conversations around the web about Shingles to help you make a decision
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Shingles & Heating Pad

We found 135 discussions
" David, Eventhough of course you are right that Shingles doesn't come out of no ...with menstrual cramps clutching a heating pad, you're justified in giving mag-phos... "

" ...looking for natural treatments for shingles. Many times, the prescriptions that doctors are giving to treat shingles can actually make the conditions ...methods for treating your shingles - y... "

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" came down with shingles 1 week ago. Boy, i ...down my right thigh. I am on oxi for pain, gabbapentin for the nerve ...valacyclover for the antiviral. The heating pad is the best. the icy... "

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" ...agree. I came down with shingles last Saturday. The pain is spine and since I'm on Prednisone don't think it's going ...I'm sitting here with the heating pad on my back and instead... "

" My mom had shingles and was told not to put heat on it. I'm saying as in heating pad. She was not warned against sunshine though. And she was out every day,... "

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" My mom has shingles and says a heating pad feels better on it than ...or jet fuel.Wonder why all of a sudden the shingles have become front stage and diabetics are coming in by the groves oh and... "

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" I came down with shingles about three weeks ago. The was from using a heating pad. I was told that was ...harm..So I stopped using the heating pad..I have since been on numerous... "

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" ...that I might have shingles. But by Sun afternoon I was having so much stabbing pain that I have ...When I searched for shingles and muscle spasms, this came up. The heating pad has knocked by pa... "

" Shingles in your 20s is really ...I found that heat helped the pain and stiffness a bunch, although it ...helped. If you have a heating pad, you may want to try... "

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" Shingles = heating pad - try it ! 40 years old. Recently went through shingles. It came off the back ...I found that a heating pad on the nerve root, it was a heating pad to the back of... "

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