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Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmles...
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Benadryl 62,038 Zyrtec 25,022 Claritin 22,002
2,493,156 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
2,493,156 conversations around the web about Allergies to help you make a decision
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Shellac & Allergies

We found 208 discussions
" ...lot of trouble with them lasting/this all before your allergy issues, of course. I was curious how you found the longevity of the Shellac now that you had a... "

" ...JHK with no problem. However allergies are a game changer. Once From what I've read Shellac has to be layered. I ...contributing factor in causing the allergy in the first... "

" exactly what I am doing too, since all the problems with my allergies I am trying to resist the temptation to renew my shellac too often and am using regular polish on top, am having great fun.... "

" ...talking about that. I have a lot of other allergies and don't want to become allergic to the sogs. I have always used shellac base and top, but when ...may just stick to the shellac ones when ... "

" ...Ditto trying the real CND Shellac. The LED products actually still ...of time. And with your allergic reactions I would just stick to CND Shellac as it is supposed to... "

" ...posts crossed) if you have allergy to gel, chu will not similar. I too have weak bendy nails and was ...having no polish on them. Shellac is better than nothing but... "

" ...I Recently got gel nails done, product similar to Shellac, I had a very bad reaction, itching, fungal infection on all nails, swelling and cuts ...she said I must be allergic to product. One mon... "

" Shellac is advertised as being hypoallergenic, ...some people here who are allergic to Gelish can use Shellac do better, without having any allergic reactions. That's no guarantee that... "

" ...use the CND lamp for shellac. I use the LED lamp ...can't wear anything other than shellac on my fingers now but ...between gel polish and my allergy as it happened within... "

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" I had used Nardil for severe TRD/anxiety with ...form), some excipients that induced an allergic response in some patients were removed, including the sugar, shellac (coating), talc, wheat, and cor... "

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