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tremor is an involuntary, somewhat rhythmic, muscle contraction and relaxation involving to-and-fro movements (neural oscillations or ...
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Common Shaking treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 4,394 Klonopin 3,143 Propranolol 3,053
529,013 conversations around the web about Shaking to help you make a decision
529,013 conversations around the web about Shaking to help you make a decision
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Shaking & Vitamin D Deficiency

0.29% of the posts that mention Vitamin D Deficiency also mention Shaking (64 posts)
Vitamin D Deficiency
We found 64 discussions
" ...I would feel shaky all over. It ...wave of feeling shaky all over increased. from? I had a vitamin d deficiency also that is at a good level from constant taking of vitamin d. It doe... "

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" ...I was told I had a vitamin D deficiency of 12. Have started supplements of 50000iu plus over the counter vitamin D and calcium on days when not ...word twitching synonymous with tremors? There... "

" ...your blood test results back? I too was diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency. I am also experiencing some strange symptoms. My lower twitching and I have a tremor in my hands. I just... "

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" Hi, I have gained back some of the weight. I still have issues ...eating high fats. I have nerve shaking in my spine and some ...on medicine and I had a vitamin D deficiency but now am taking 1... "

" ...D deficiency I just found out that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. My doctor told me ...isn't too bad. I've been really shaky and fatigued lately, with ...ever had a Vitamin D deficiency, abou... "

" the same time am quite down and very very anxious also weak and shaky. But my present period is also the period from hell when I thought they had stopped. I cant get docs to attribute my anxiety... "

" ...are still, as opposed to vitamin D deficiency and side effects of medications which cause tremors while the hands are in use. You should definitely have a cbc and vitamin B12 and D level check.... "

" ...of dumbbell press and I was a bit shaky and my back felt a bit sore but it didn't hurt. ...3 fractures within 1-2 years so they are also scheduling a vitamin D deficiency test. I don't know w... "

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" ...have Vitamin D deficiency. ...Neurontin the itching goes away. rsh1040 I wish you the best and I hope you get the care you need and the proper diagnosis. lyndacarol I itch everyday. The swel... "

" Steve I have been battling a Vitamin D deficiency for over 3 years. The rheumatologist has put ...hold your bones together). My mantra: PARKINSON'S - IT'S MORE THAN JUST A TREMOR!... "

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