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Menstrual Period

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Common Menstrual Period treatments discussed around the web
Mirena 34,446 Provera 30,613 Metformin 18,455
2,271,224 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
2,271,224 conversations around the web about Menstrual Period to help you make a decision
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Sexual Abuse & Menstrual Period

We found 332 discussions
Post from
" ...her to have her menstrual cycle at age 9 to \"consummate\" the marriage. Until that time, he sexually molest... "

" ...times I've been saved from molestation by my period XD) and you get spotting? sucks, I've never got... "

Post from
" ...there talking about Casey having problem with her period since she was 10 years ...GYN and hinting around at sexual abuse. I thought she never went... "

" Quote: I feel strongly that abortion is wrong...period. The only justifiable abortion, in my opinion, is the ...a result of rape or molestation. I also feel strongly that... "

" ...bakit alam nila ang sex. Pakibasa narin pala diyan sa ...a young age already had her menstrual period. According to the doctor, ?Lenle... "

Post from
" ...a life sentence for child molestation should apply regardless? How many sentences do you disagree with because they have a non-parole period? Why not? You just said that hurting so... "

" ...posting. I've never experienced a sexual abuse trigger from my period, but I have had a self harm trigger from it -, as you can have your period stopped - for example the... "

" ...that 25-33% of women will experience some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime. It's hard to determine a link ...soon as I started having a period at 13 (issues weren't addressed... "

Post from
" ...feel that way. Has your period restarted? Some mamas feel ...past issues related to sexual abuse or assault can trigger ...- but many women have experienced some form of past abuse, so it's a... "

" ...have said it could have been a result of sexual abuse. Thats the 5 year old that had a ...the 30s. Says she had her first period at either 8 months ... "

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