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Other names: Quetiapine, Seroquel XR
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Quetiapine (branded as Seroquel, Ketipinor), is an atypical antipsychotic approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, an...
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Seroquel for Depression
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Seroquel & Depression

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I was really surprised how much this helped my depression after increasing Seroquel to 2 at night. It was prescribed for sleep (thx to Wellbutrin) so I could decrease my Ambien, and with a 1/2 of Trazadone works. The Wellbutrin helped lift me out of a major depression but the seroquel made me even happier, my old self; suddenly, I "loved" life again and don't get easily upset -- more mellow. It worked better than the Zoloft I take for anxiety (very low dose, at higher doses, I get severely apathetic). I love it --- except for the fatigue I have. I already had fatigue but think it might have made it a little worse. Not 100% sure though since I have a circadian sleep disorder & have sleep disturbances.

Okay so I got a book on depression and there is no longer depression, but you can now have 10 different depression types, now how do you treat that? Plus I am thinking that I need to go off all of my meds to get better. I also want to know has anyone taken Chantix and actually had you depression get better?

for the depression now and that is working better for...
" ...really helped my depression. To be honest used for depression untill i started ...weeks ago.I'm on Seroquel for the depression now and that is working... "

took Seroquel for my depression and it helped. But for me...
" I took Seroquel for my depression and it helped. But for me it was a lot sedative... "

anybody ever taken seroquel for depression/anxiety? Did...
" ...depression/anxiety? Did it help? Does it work fast? I need something that is gonna help me faster than... "

what a good dosage of seroquel is to treat depression...
" ...zyprexa, seroquel less so, but both made me munch out. I'm wondering what a good dosage of seroquel is to treat depres... "

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mostly works for my depression and anxiety, the weight...
" ...and anxiety, the weight and sedation are realy hard to handle if i came off seroquel whish med would be the closest... "

Seroquel helped my depression feelings greatly after...
" ...maybe Seroquel is the better drug for you. And oh, how you will sleep. Blissful, wonderful, Seroquel sleep. Seroquel helped my depression feelings... "

its also helped my depression and anxiety. Anybody feel...
" ...on friday. So far so good! Im not as drugged up or feeling as drugged up as the regular seroquel. its also helped my de... "

on seroquel and an AD for depression and anxiety/agitation....
" Hi I was on seroquel and an AD for depression and anxiety/agitation. I think it helped, made me feel very... "

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