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Sertraline hydrochloride (brand names Zoloft and Lustral) is an antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibit... Read more on Wikipedia

Serdep Top Concerns

Based on 37 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
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By Tam
August 25, 2014
Tam wrote
I have been on 30mg of Cilift for panic disorder for the past 3 years and lately my panic attacks have come back with a vengeance threatening another agoraphobic onset - I have not been agoraphobic for 11 years now, but am fast starting to avoid places I didnt think about avoiding in the past. Today at my doctors room I had such a severe attack I could not walk due to my trembling and muscles being in a spasm. How embarrassing to have to be escorted because I looked like I was a muscle dystrophy sufferer - thats how physical my symptoms became!!!...has this happened to anyone else before? From tomorrow I will be starting 50mg serdec. Any advise on what side effects I can expect? Thanks
I am on 150 mg Serdep, with Urbanol 5 mg two times a day. Only side effect is my mouth is always dry, I drink a lot of water. Otherwise I cannot complain, I am a different person than the one who always avoided places, people, did not sleep, eat right, had anger attacks that I actually blacked out. Give Serdep a chance, it takes 6 weeks to really change the chemicals in your brain and for your body to get used to it!!! Good luck.
Petro  |  December 4, 2014
How long have you been on Serdep? I am now in wk 5 - had a great 1st wk on 10mg Cilift and 50mg Serdep. Then it stopped helping. On 100mg on Serdep and 10mg Cilift for 2 wks now, but still not seeing a major difference. Was booked off for 2 wks, went to work yesterday and had 3 panic attacks while driving so stayed home again today. Any idea when the meds will take effect? I am in high pressured job and do not want to lose it due to incapacity.
tam  |  September 26, 2014
I have been on medication for depression since 2004 after lots of stress. Started with Cymbalta which worked fine but I gained a lot of weight. Was then switched to Zoloft and have been on Zoloft for years now. Stopped once about two years ago (also thought I can manage on my own) but a week saw me back on Zoloft again. It is non habit forming and I dont gain extra weight. I can really recommend Zoloft. Our pharmacist issues generics at times and I now received Serdep. Am a bit anxious
Rica  |  September 9, 2014
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By Alida
February 24, 2014
Alida wrote
Serdep and Depression / Anxiety
Hi, thanks for this group therepy. I have had many bad experienes in my life which eventually led to anxiety attacks and falling into a deep depression for 3 years - and being admitted to hospital on 2 occasssions. I now finally have the bad depression under control and Thank God for that. But still have to live with my anti-depression tabs and sleeping tablets. My Pschycitrist (hope the spelling is correct)....also put me on 50mg Serdep which I take just before bedtime. During the day I have another tablet 3x a day to just keep me calm and relaxed. My recommendation is - only keep in tough with persons who understand and love you and has walked the road with you,. K havde a dog who I love to bits, and I can honestly say she is my lifeline. the loe I get from my best four legged riend is the best thepapyy around. Youa ree not alone....remember live is tought, and the older you get the weaker the fighting system becomes. Do not take other people seriuously, and just walk each day with God.....and allw youself lots of time for ourself. Take care and never stop beliefing in your own capabilities.
Hello Zelda, het jy al 'n Psigiater gaan sien? 'n Gewone huisdokter kan nie depresssie simptome korrek behandel en diagnoseer nie. Ek is nog steeds op my Serdep voor slaaptyd en Adco-Alzam 3x perdag, ek moet erken dit vat daardie angs gevoel weg en as ek my pilletjie die oggend eers laterig drink dan kan ek voel dat ek soort van "beheer verloor" oor my spraak en begin liggies te bewe. Is maar een van die dinge, die lewe is hard, en mens moet maar die medikasie neem. Maar ek sal nog aanbe
Alida  |  April 17, 2014
Ek was op leximil maar dit my amper dood gemaak ek was dizzy my kop het klanke geweergallem ek was huilerig en wou net slaap nou het die dr my oor gesit op sordep maar ek te bang om dit nou te drink wil nie weer so voel nie dit was erg
zelda  |  April 9, 2014
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By Tourettes
February 7, 2014
Tourettes wrote
I developed a red rash over my entire body after a week of starting Serdep. I also had tingling fingers and nausea with dry mouth. All symptoms are no gone.
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By Cheecky
January 31, 2014
Cheecky wrote
a Doctor priscribe these pills to my friend because of her problem she drank 6 last night, could't sleep and look like hell today. The doctor said that this is not addictive???? i have taken the pills away from her, but what now??
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By Corals
January 30, 2014
Corals wrote
Serdep and Anger
I have been taking 50 mg serdep since march 2013. In December I ran out of the pills and started weening myself off, I am now serdep free for almost 2 months and some times have symptoms like heart pulputations and "brain zaps", However I am battling the most with extreme anger bursts. I am not an angry person and never have been. I am wondering if this is perhaps a symptom of coming off the serdep or is it just a coincidence.
I was on cylift 2x 20mg for many moths di not help much My Dr. in consultation with my psyc.put me on Serdep which I now have been using for two weeks. I can already feel the difference more relaxed and sleeping well. So far so good.
Dudley Pete  |  October 3, 2014
I was taking it for 5 months last year, and this Jan i stopped completely. What i have noticed about myself is that i can't get angry for the past 3 weeks since i off of them. But reading your comment how you are getting anger bursts gives me some comfort that its plausible for that to happen to me as well. Thanks for your comment. I want anger. Later i will understand it again (as to why it happens) like i did before when i was not on meds, and then accept it. I think its a side effect of comi
Serdep 50mg  |  February 7, 2014
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By Concernd
Concernd wrote
Pregnancy and serdep
I found out i'm 5 weeks pregnant. i've been using serdep for 6 months with wonderful results and now i'm pregnant. Should i go off the meds? What will it do to my pregnancy and baby? I'm scared that if i go off the meds i'll become depressed again, but i'm more scared about what it would do to my pregnancy and baby.
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What patients are saying about Serdep

37 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
have been on Serdep for 2 weeks now. I have had some great...
...have been on Serdep for 2 weeks now. I have had some great weight loss. I really hope...
on serdep 100mg for my anxiety, but they anti depressants....
...serdep 100mg for my anxiety, but they anti depressants. and also rather expensive, I am still young and cannot afford the medication anymore and cannot go back to my Doctor to help me get off them....
been prescribed Serdep (anti-depressant) for anxiety as...
I've been prescribed Serdep (anti-depressant) for anxiety as my Doctor states that depression and anxiety are directly ...or 3rd day but I have an almost permanent tingle in my \"nether regions...
I am using antidepressants - Serdep 100. Lately I was...
...Serdep 100. Lately I was getting easily agitated and discussed it with my GP. He prescribed Epitec 25mg for 10 days and now I am on 50mg. My mood is much better although I sometimes still get agit...
We are TTC and I am on Serdep. I have tried in the past...
...TTC and I am on Serdep. I have tried in the past to go off them, but do not function very well without them as my depression can get really ...some feedback? What are you on and have you been o...
Serdep last year October - and remained on them until...
...started Serdep last year October - ...initial side effects. I am having a relapse, and my doc said I should try Lexamil? I'm wondering whether I should just take the Serdep again - but hav...
We are TTC and I am on Serdep. I have tried in the past...
...their whole pregnancy. We are TTC and I am on Serdep. I have tried in the past to go off them, but do not function very well without them as my depression can get really bad. When I am on...
on Serdep 50mg. I have some stomach cramping, a little bit...
...Hey all, Like I said, it's only my third day on Serdep 50mg. I have some stomach cramping, a little bit of a headache, and dry mouth. How long do these side effects last. It's not permanent is...
on Serdep 50mg for 3days, abanol 2mg, two days twice a day....
Was on Serdep 50mg for 3days, abanol 2mg, two days twice a day. Sleeping pills called \"beta sleep\" bt thoz r harmless cz I...
is a Sertraline hydrochloride. It made a huge difference...
...per email. My daughter was on 50mg Serdep, which is a Sertraline hydrochloride. It made a huge difference in her black moods,...