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Sensitive Teeth

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(Sensitivity of teeth)
Dentine hypersensitivity is sensation felt when the nerves inside the dentin of the teeth are exposed to the environment. The sensati...
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Common Sensitive Teeth treatments discussed around the web
Colgate 291 ACT Fluoride Rinse 3
10,817 conversations around the web about Sensitive Teeth to help you make a decision
10,817 conversations around the web about Sensitive Teeth to help you make a decision
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Sensitive Teeth & Vitamins

We found 261 discussions
" I am allergic to milk and was ...During this period, I had very sensitive teeth and would experience pain in ...of calcium solved this problem. Vitamins D and K are also... "

" ...a relatively healthy diet and supplements/vitamins. I take DE for the ...benefits such as detox, less heartburn, less sensitive teeth, better complexion, and better sleep... "

" ...likely has phytic acid in them. These inhibit the absorption of Calcium, Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium. Also increase your intake of fat soluble vitamins. The guy upwards (do you have sensiti... "

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" ...make them stronger? I had bulimia for many years and the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth (and also for whiter teeth?)? to protect my teeth? Vitamins, chemical protectant the ... "

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" ...teeth don't get the vitamins that they need. Drinking as well as taking vitamins. Also brushing and mouthwash can wear down your enamel causing sensitive teeth. Try using toothpaste for... "

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" ...teeth. I recently started taking Niacin, with great results. After starting with Vitamins, I decided to use other supplements that were beneficial to my overall health. Turmeric & Niacin (no... "

" ...still BFN . I am having some bloating and mild cramps ...started taking Fertility Blend Vitamins last month and I ...the cause. Other than my ridiculously sensitive teeth I have no other reas... "

" ...Jose Cuervo with a lime... and i do have sensitive teeth but i haven't noticed anything yet. My metabolism is ...a site with the best vitamins a bodybuilder could take. Vitamin... "

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" ...ones with added protein or vitamins. Or better yet have both something. Since you feel you can lose a few pounds it's not critical yet ...could be part of your sensitive teeth. Good... "

" Sensitive Teeth After Gastric Bypass Hi, I ...quickly? My surgeon told me to only take multi vitamins until my 3 month blood test and then see ...what's in the 2 multi vitamins) destroy my tee... "

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