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Taken for: Hashimoto's Disease
Other names: Selenomax
Method of use: Injection, Pill
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Selenium is a chemical element with atomic number 34, chemical symbol Se, and an atomic mass of 78.96. It is a nonmetal, whose ...
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Selenium and Hyperthyroidism ?

#8 in Selenium discussions - 754 posts discuss Hyperthyroidism with Selenium.
We found 754 discussions
" ...time I take Selenium for several days, I become hyperthyroid. When I stop, I go back to hypo. Can anyone explain why? Now I don't dare take selenium, and I also... "

" ...doubt the selenium helped my thyroid and I could possible lower my Synthroid intake, which would be wonderful and which I'd much rather do...and God forbid ...stupid in Minnesota!! P.S. Yes, se... "

" ...because l took iodine whilst selenium deficient. I started transdermal selenium drops and had slight hyperthyroid symptoms so cut back and ...loss. Its surprised me how well selenium is working ... "

" either. Right now taking 75 mcgs of levoxyl, and hoping that will be enough because 100(with 200 mcgs of selenium everyday) was making me hyper.Not sure it was from the selenium . 50 was way to... "

" the end of the second week, my bowels started stopping up, fluid retention started creeping up on me. I was taking 100 mcgs of levoxyl plus 200 mcgs of selenium, plus 1000mcgs of B-12.This made... "

" ...hyper, however my Free numbers were still middle of the range. my FT4 was 15 (10-20) and I can't remember the FT3. I told my doc I wanted to try and raise my free's so he upped my dose. Ever... "

" ...of levoxyl 200mcgs Selenium. I did not take them together. After a few weeks, I started feeling a bit hyper, nervousness, heart palps etc. Just wondered ... "

" ...needs selenium for other things ...I have been hypo since the 80's, and started taking selenium about 3 weeks ...that now I'm hyper and it's probably because of the selenium. My synthroid dos... "

" ...had porcine gland in it, which is same as Armour basically. With adding selenium too, I ended up becoming hyperthyroid which wasn't fun. As for when to take your Armour. Take it in... "

" see my thyroid go hyper about 2 weeks after starting the selenium. (TSH from 1.70 - .12) Doc said it was probably because of the selenium that my thyroid didn't need as much Synthroid, so she... "

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