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epileptic seizure, occasionally referred to as a fit, is defined as a transient symptom of "abnormal excessive or synchronous ne...
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Common Seizures treatments discussed around the web
Keppra 27,084 Lamictal 19,341 Topamax 13,600
701,052 conversations around the web about Seizures to help you make a decision
701,052 conversations around the web about Seizures to help you make a decision
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Seizures & Garlic

We found 263 discussions
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" now 9 yo) had seizures after having an Advantage flea ...Our vet suggested some fresh garlic in our dogs' food, along ...the smell of lavendar or garlic. We've been doing this for... "

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" ...much like Vicks. lol Garlic oil -- use fresh garlic sauteed in olive oil, then strain it so it's ...just a little, for the My nephew just had a seizure I have to go will write more... "

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" Thank you to all for suggestions. Pepper, garlic and orange peel will be piled liberally in the corner, and the really ...neighbour is 84 and I wouldn't want to be responsible for him having a seiz... "

" ...did they start you on Lamictal (fortunately shrinks are comfortable with ...I hope that soon your seizures will be nothing more than ...with a crucifix and some garlic! (You don't happen to l... "

" be legal. I've been controlling my epilepsy for 5 1/2 years with cannabis. I went from having seizures once a month to ...made. Now I'm not so paranoid when I herb like garlic and sh... "

" ...almost died twice. What worked for me was doxycycline and Plaquenil. I am ...eight TIAs, petit mal seizures, scoliosis, RA in my ...always feels like Jell-O. Garlic and thyme have been... "

" ...of all things, garlic gel capsuls. Squeezed out the garlic and spit out the capsule. Know what an overdose of garlic does? It causes constipation. My son found his anti seizure meds(been 10... "

" ...2 days as I reported seizure activity in first 24hrs due ...sleep deprivation. I did try garlic but I seemed fine but ...nervous. I dont believe they are epileptic wot I am getting... "

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" ...and tested me yesterday and all was fine. My seizure folllowed a problem I have had 4 times now ...2 mos., lortab 5 mos., cystoprotek, ph balance, aloe, garlic and a pro biotic. I don't know ab... "

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" ...such as burning rubber, garlic, heat smells like an ...and hopefully I have time to before a seizure hits. I have noticed the garlic smell and metallic taste mean a definite seizure where the bu... "

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