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Sciatica ( sciatic neuritis) is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of...
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Common Sciatica treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,825 Ibuprofen 1,803 Lyrica 1,493
145,635 conversations around the web about Sciatica to help you make a decision
145,635 conversations around the web about Sciatica to help you make a decision
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Sciatica & Quinine

We found 26 discussions
" ...some hugs! Xxx I get sciatica right in my bum cheek ...drink tonic water as the quinine in it helps. I find... "

" ...uses the tablets for his sciatica and it helps that too. ...using a lot of this though, I'm sure that quinine isn't something that you want building up in your... "

" ...cramps, which I was taking quinine for. I also have an ...I started taking Mesogold, the sciatic pain went away, even when I ...I've even stopped taking the quinine. Jim Klein Westmont,... "

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" ...have a rebound effect. The pain will return over and over again. When ...a back strain or even sciatica the best thing for it ...magnesium and the pain killer quinine. This really helped me w... "

" ...had problems with sciatica, but this is in both legs. I take a homeopathic pain medication for leg cramps and pain, which has quinine in the ingredients. It doesn't help much. I have tried tyleno... "

" ...disectomy L5/S1. Still having problems on and off. Got sciatica bad at the moment and i know how you ...seems to make things worse. I may try the quinine but was told it not much good as its... "

" ...sure it has something called quinine in it as it will ...does work. I've only had cramp twice so far....but probably ...them. Its doesnt feel like sciatica though as i have had... "

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" I am aware of quinine as a possible remedy for cramps. I have been ...regime, and MMS, is curing me. I recently had a severe bout of sciatica and found that DMSO provides a non pharma and... "

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" your's really horrible isn't it! I had sciatica in my last pregnancy and I really hope it it by saying the quinine in it causes stillbirth So... "

" ...X's after them. The symptoms described that it will treat definitely sound more withdrawal-like than the one for the quinine preparation. I used to ...pain and back pain/sciatica. I have been... "

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