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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by a disintegration of thought processes and of emotional responsiveness. It most co...
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Common Schizophrenia treatments discussed around the web
Seroquel 3,526 Abilify 2,815 Zyprexa 2,623
291,907 conversations around the web about Schizophrenia to help you make a decision
291,907 conversations around the web about Schizophrenia to help you make a decision
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Schizophrenia & Selective Mutism

0.56% of the posts that mention Selective Mutism also mention Schizophrenia (35 posts)
Selective Mutism
We found 35 discussions
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" ...occasions, this patient's presentation has strongly suggested schizophrenia and now he is presenting ...echopraxia. The diagnosis of schizophrenia makes elective mutism very unlikely. There ... "

" ...strong in my family... My mum has depression, as well as my grandma (mums-mum) and my uncle is schizophrenic. I think a few of ...was I... I actually had Selective Mutism which is where the chil... "

" My sister had social anxiety and selective mutism from a young age like me. Now she has schizophrenia. I'm pretty certain my grandmother has had generalized anxiety disorder for a long time.... "

" ...severe anxiety and selective mutism as children. She ...and now has full blown schizophrenia. I have ...had schizophrenia too. I fear that the same thing will happen to me..especially since w... "

" ...I can remember. I has selective mutism for a long time too. ...nervous tics. She later developed schizophrenia and I worry that I'll ...her. My uncle clearly had anxiety (nervous tics) and my... "

" I used to have selective mutism and it never really went ...experiment. I've also heard that adults around here think I'm schizophrenic (I'm not) and I've also had kids shout \"Here... "

" ...was 14 I did date someone however he had schizophrenia and become delusional believing he was hitler, punching people, anxiety or APD or selective mutism or asperger's or whatever can... "

" ...Mental retardation. Down syndrome. Autism. Schizophrenia. Selective Mutism. the list goes on man.... "

Post from
" ...suffer from strong signs of schizophrenia and depression, and selective mutism. Unless someone talks to me... "

Post from
" severe social fear, selective mutism, severe paranoid subtype schizophrenia with dissociative tendencies, chronic depression, add, and ednos. what... "

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