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Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of woun...
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Common Scars treatments discussed around the web
Retin A 7,969 Mederma 7,668 Neosporin 3,605
869,768 conversations around the web about Scars to help you make a decision
869,768 conversations around the web about Scars to help you make a decision
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Scars & Scleral Discolouration

1.25% of the posts that mention Scleral Discolouration also mention Scars (4 posts)
Scleral Discolouration
We found 4 discussions
" Stone's photo. I have other scars that are nice fine lines and stretch marks ...and they resemble the cig scars but they are almost depressed. ...a cool photo of your blue sclera! I j... "

" ...fall out, jack had a hernia. they both didnt ...all three of mine have somethign called blue sclera. its when the whites of ...problems with local aneasthetic, keloid scarring, eye probs, i c... "

" ...diagnosis, rather a description (like blue sclera or papyraceous scarring - both of which can ...obviously acknowledging that you have related pain) but that is not... "

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" ...I suffer really badly with scarring and stretchmarks and always have. I also have blue Sclera which is indicative of another ...3 of my children have rather blue sclera), I can touch my nose... "

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