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Weight Loss

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(Weight decreased)
Weight loss, in the context of medicine, health or physical fitness, is a reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of flui...
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Common Weight Loss treatments discussed around the web
Metformin 44,067 Phentermine 14,877 Topamax 11,051
6,992,227 conversations around the web about Weight Loss to help you make a decision
6,992,227 conversations around the web about Weight Loss to help you make a decision
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Scan With Contrast & Weight Loss

We found 41 discussions
" ...too. 2 weeks ago I had to stop taking my metformin for 3 days because of scan with contrast and my sense of smell and taste came back and my GI problems went away. Felt so great to feel... "

" ...tomorrow afternoon. The CT Scan with contrast showed that the mass ...the surgery for my hernia, so that will ...really wanting to have the surgery because I'm losing weight this way. Usually... "

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" ...months, and have actually lost about 5 pounds. I don't attribute the weight loss to the medication ...ordered another CT Scan with contrast and when I ...problem, so I'm on 10 days of Augment... "

" ...out. I'm having the CT scan with contrast for my neck and chest ...tell from this test? I've been very tired for the last few months and have lost weight by choice but my blood... "

" ...your doc didn't give you at least Detrol or something. My ...sugar. Let me tell you it was great for weight loss! it was hard at first, ...showed after a CT scan with contrast, i believe t... "

" ...and have a CT scan with contrast to have your gallbladder ...removed on Tuesday. My pain wasn't isolated to ...problems are very common after weight loss, btw. Definitely get it checked... "

" UGGGH another CAT scan with Contrast... on my way to get ...and resting and trying to feel better- joy oh joy- hey ...kick started my post new years weight loss........I lost 4 pounds since... "

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" I too am very frustrated. My MRI doesn't show ...I've asked for a CT Scan with contrast but he denied it. He ...3 more months of therapy, weight loss and then he would go... "

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" ...feel. After having a CT scan with contrast dye we also found out I had swollen nodes in my abdomen ...symptoms of night sweats, rapid weight loss, fever, chills, etc. Please keep... "

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" ...ribcage. I have lost 25 pounds despite efforts not ...are functioning normally on CT scan with contrast; thyroid function tests are ...cause the symptoms of rapid weight loss, shortness of b... "

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