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(Scabies Disease Finding)
Scabies (from , "to scratch"), known colloquially as the seven-year itch, is a contagious skin infection that occurs among human...
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Common Scabies treatments discussed around the web
Permethrin 2,549 Lindane 334 Eurax 170
26,918 conversations around the web about Scabies to help you make a decision
26,918 conversations around the web about Scabies to help you make a decision
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Scabies & Thyroid Problem

0.09% of the posts that mention Scabies also mention Thyroid Problem (25 posts)
Thyroid Problem
We found 25 discussions
" ...told it was ringworm,fungus,scabies, shingles, chicken pox. ...the years I've been developing many Thyroid disease symptoms that seem ...resurface. I have an upper respitory/sinus infection,... "

" ...old sometimes. I haven't had any itching in the itch with scabies. I so don't ...funny you should mention thyroid issues - I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, then Graves' d... "

" ...are other cause of generalised itching such as infection (scabies), liver disease, thyroid disease, renal disease. Assessment would determine if any of these... "

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" ...ever been diagnosed with scabies but I have been ...cure. I can tell you that my GGS outbreaks are extremly itchy, and also painful, it ...on them. I have a very mild thyroid issue so I wo... "

" ...old and have had an extremely itchy rash for 6 months. ...time I began having hot flashes. It started on ...& 2 gynecologists. Ruled out thyroid problem, scabies, bug bites, allergies and f... "

" ...and get itchy skin. Have's not lice, scabies, or a common rash, it can also be a thyroid problem, kidney, or anemia,... "

" ...apparently while I sleep, my dry skin from the thyroid disorder, is extremely itchy, and I the intervene of being given acticin for what was thought to be 'scabies' I was eating regular ch... "

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" ...I thought that I had scabies from the hospital, but I ...and Im still itching. I was wondering if my thyroid problem/surgery could have anything to do with this itching problem?... "

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" ...rule out the possibility of scabies, i would also like to ...and prostrate disorders in men along with liver,kidney and thyroid disorders.Dog mite can also cause itching of human skin but... "

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" Hi This itch could be due to scabies , body lice , eczema , psoriasis , dermatitis ...It could be allergy or due to liver or thyroid problem or due to diabetes too. It can be due... "

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