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(Scabies Disease Finding)
Scabies (from , "to scratch"), known colloquially as the seven-year itch, is a contagious skin infection that occurs among human...
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Common Scabies treatments discussed around the web
Permethrin 2,552 Lindane 334 Eurax 172
26,989 conversations around the web about Scabies to help you make a decision
26,989 conversations around the web about Scabies to help you make a decision
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Scabies & Tanning

We found 53 discussions
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" I have somehow contacted Scabies from a tanning bed or through working with the public. I have... "

Post from
" I got ringworm from a tanning bed one time. Turns out ...I've heard of people getting scabies from a tanning bed too- maybe that's just... "

" I swear I am a normal person... I got scabies once from a tanning bed. It was extremely itchy but the treatment was... "

Post from
" ...thing for a case of Scabies and if you do it ...i a public place or tanning beds. This is a horrible pass scabies around. Be safe and treat scabies safely, keeping others around... "

" Just wanted to let you know a friend of mine got scabies from a tanning bed. Has your wife gone tanning lately? Some of those places don't clean their beds well... I hope things work out between you... "

" ...for scabies. My college roomate got them off a tanning bed, and they... "

" ...good while back I got friggin' scabies and I'm 93% sure it ...from the place I was tanning (as I wasn't sexually active ...later went back to start tanning there got them again For... "

Post from
" rash I went tanning two days later i got a big rash all over my side and stomach i went to dr she said she thought it was scabies , she gave me medicine i did the treatment... "

" ...biopsies done. Each inconclusive. I've been treated for scabies, which did nothing because it wasn't scabies. I've been put on prednisone ...told me to go tanning for ten treatments because... "

Post from
" ...\"bactrim\" and i went to a tanning booth while on the pill. ...really bad migraines too. i went tanning about a week and a ...its bc of my medication or scabies?! PLEASE DONT SAY... "

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