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Common Scab treatments discussed around the web
Neosporin 2,452 Vaseline 1,144 Polysporin 544
439,629 conversations around the web about Scab to help you make a decision
439,629 conversations around the web about Scab to help you make a decision
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Scab & Shea butter

We found 189 discussions
" ...E, and then once the scab was healed, I started using Mederma (less sticky than the Vit. E!) on the scar, but then topping it w/a shea butter cream. That's what I use... "

" ...even coming close to scab hair feel..... Wow.. thanks ...V05. I just add Shea butter massage it through then ...a puff. So with shea butter, can you ... "

" ...of good ideas re: shea butter. it's a real miracle's possible you have some scab hair. there are a few threads on scab hair in the nat can melt down shea butter and add other ... "

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" ...complications whatsoever. I had some concerns being diabetic about my ...still have some swelling and ...which is still scabbing so I have lil pink areas I've started putting shea butter on t... "

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" ...I smothered her head in shea butter, something I read said you oil. We use homemade shea butter for everything so I thought ...but there is still some nasty crust! Any other... "

" ...end up getting an ugly scab. so i mixed up some ...or whatever. leaves an unnoticable scab! im not sure what it ...can i find things like shea butter and eo and glycerin? in... "

" ...11:53 PM what is the scab stage and what should i ...already spoken on what the scab stage is. So I won't ...what happens. Have you tried shea butter? No poo? Also are you... "

" ...your skin? I am still scab city here! Thanks all for the driving advice. Funny when I drive with DH I hold the lap and chest belts away from me cuz I fear him stopping short! I have... "

" ...easier now cuz i've lasted so long and the 'scab' hair is gone. My natural hair feels more tameable and i ...lay my hair back. Cantu shea butter leave in works well on... "

" ...all. I have been using shea butter and my scalp feels so ...and the reason i use shea butter is because of its healing ...she used to heal her scalp from scab hair. The reason i... "

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