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Common Scab treatments discussed around the web
Neosporin 2,454 Vaseline 1,146 Polysporin 544
440,107 conversations around the web about Scab to help you make a decision
440,107 conversations around the web about Scab to help you make a decision
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Scab & Castor Oil

We found 132 discussions
" ...I am trying to get rid of it by castor oil mixed with baking soda. If not I have a ...might think its a cold sore. I now have a scab and it looks pretty bad and dry and I... "

" ...plait or whatever to remove the scab/flake. Yes it is as awful ...bad for locs because sometimes the scab is right under a ...fine in texture. i've been using castor oil, i used to use... "

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" ...clear yellowish liquid. The area around the wound has been scabbing and shrinking, so that's a good sign. However: 2) ...I'm thinking of switching to castor oil with gauze pads to cover... "

" I haven't tried the castor oil. The thing is, when the improvement with the ointment. Castor Oil has soothing properties, so I try out. Like any scab, this seems to pull m... "

" Well I have a tender spot on the crown ...I cut it shorter that the rest because I though it was scab hair but it grows out strong a fuzzy. I and a bit of castor oil on the spot is good... "

" ...the proper castor oil for a ...again. It's puffed up as usual and formed an even bigger blister than with my previous treatment (actually made up of about 10 tiny blisters and the crust... "

" ...when I went natural my hair literally itched ALL the time. Idk ...oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil. I tried deep cleansing w. ...actually start to bleed n scab. So giiiiirl good luck.... "

" ...I can pull the scab along a hair strand ...flaxseed oil. If starting doing fish oil. I just haven't ...liquid flaxseed, but i am. Neosporin help to. Jamaican black castor oil helped but on... "

" about using cold pressed castor oil and baking soda...I have 4 ...away (itchy and some bleeding)now the smallest one is completly gone and the other 3 ...expect the skin to scab and then... "

" have some good advice for you. Could be scab hair or not enough moisture is sticking to yr oil my ends with castor oil, and let me just say mention I too have scab hair still... "

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