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Salonpas is taken for: Back Pain Arthritis Inflammation


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Method of use: Foam, Gel
Prescribing mode: OTC
*Off Label
Salonpas is a brand name of a line of over-the-counter (OTC) Transdermal analgesic patch manufactured by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co.,...
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Salonpas for Back Pain
1,884 conversations around the web about Salonpas to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Salonpas and compared it to other Back Pain medications
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9 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Salonpas cause Tendonitis ?

#2 in Salonpas discussions - 25 posts discuss Tendonitis with Salonpas. Tendonitis is #2 concern in Salonpas discussions.
We found 25 discussions
" ...tendonitis and bursitis. It has a small amount of anti inflammatory in it but my Rheumy says not enough would be absorbed through the skin to bother my oral NASID. My Rheumy refuses to prescribe Di... "

" ...the toe. I love Salonpas, as I have sesamoid bone problems which can cause tendonitis at times.... "

" I was getting wicked tendonitis in lots of places which ...working with PT and using Salonpas topical pads on the area ...the next day and get red swollen tendons the next day.... "

" ...all those pills, Legzz. We want you to wake up, ya know. I tried something called Salonpas for my tendonitis in my elbow. I've even put one on my side/back this morning after... "

" ...pain control only. They do not interact. I also put Salonpas patches on various sites of tendonitis. They are over the counter too and don't interact with anything. They have a little NASID... "

" I also have chronic tendinitis (aka tendonosis) in the ...salicylate patches (the small Salonpas ones, just the right size for the palm). Anything else that has been helpful? (I mentioned in... "

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" ...along with patellar tendonitis. It can get ...discovered the Salonpas pain patches. They are great! Found them at Walmart. I used them the last trip I took and it was amazing the difference... "

" last time. think it's tendonitis and it hurts like of ...iced it down and put a salonpas patch on it. 2 days ...of your wrist. it's slow to heal and the tendonitis makes it nearly impossi... "

" ...have both medial and lateral epicondylitis, or tennis and so right, tendonitis, and bursitis, is I also put Salonpas topical patches directly on them. It helps the inflammation... "

" ...of as superficial: tendonitis, bursitis, etc. They respond to more rest, salonpas, heat and warm ...water exercises. I have to take all my meds routinely to prevent both flares and tendonitis, e... "

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