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Runny Nose

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Rhinorrhea or rhinorrhoea is a condition where the nasal cavity is filled with a significant amount of mucous fluid. The conditi...
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Common Runny Nose treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 3,832 Benadryl 2,796 Nasal Spray 1,215
348,386 conversations around the web about Runny Nose to help you make a decision
348,386 conversations around the web about Runny Nose to help you make a decision
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Runny Nose & Iodine

We found 117 discussions
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" ...have also had sinus problems. I seem to get a runny nose shorty after taking iodine. I did 50 mg... "

" ...calcium (calcium carbonate). Ive used iodine when making my scd yogurt. ...was killed from adding iodine, my yogurt would ha... "

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" ...runny nose soon after starting iodine, lasted for few ...on here, i had also read the runny nose was a sign of too much iodine. someone said it... "

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" great. I have not had a cold in years ...of Oregano\" but now use Iodine . I also get a runny nose but no cold or flu and everyon... "

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" ...gram per day of iodine for the past week ...Only side effects I had were runny nose for the first 2 days and I got a pimple that has already... "

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" I have had cold symptoms the whole month I did iodine. Particularly a sore throat and runny nose and a hell of a lot of coughing up... "

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" ...thang going on runny yolks poached..never ate 'em that way before iodine weird! aAdd To... "

" ...I saw that video, all I saw was a sick guy with a runny nose (yeah iodine does that too) trying to ...people who got harmed by these iodine... "

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" and detox symptoms including runny nose, metalic taste in the mouth. ...feel normal and happy. Anxiety noticeably GONE and its cleared up this level till the Iodine runs out... "

" have to say about iodine and nightmares.. Prauge said it ...and tired that I had a sore throat (no not where the ...pain headache a runny nose.. is this detox? Would working... "

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