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Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by facial erythema (redness). Pimples are sometimes included as part of the definition. ...
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Common Rosacea treatments discussed around the web
Accutane 5,243 Metrogel 3,716 Finacea 2,145
111,380 conversations around the web about Rosacea to help you make a decision
111,380 conversations around the web about Rosacea to help you make a decision
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Rosacea & Witch Hazel

We found 200 discussions
" ...then to use witch hazel to kinda cool it. I went and bought witch hazel and used it ...after looking up rosacea and seeing most sites and stuff recommending NOT to use witch hazel I stopped usin... "

" ...anyone have Rosacea? I've been fooling around ...turns out that I have mild Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea. One of the things to ...The list of \"triggers\" of rosacea also included witch h... "

" Rosacea does not follow the same ...alpha hydroxy containing products, menthol, witch hazel in fact anything that causes but are bad for rosacea. Mine got worse when menopause... "

" ...was dx with rosacea about 2 years ago. I too have the red cheeks, nose and chin; T-zone I guess it is called. I use metrogel and plexion. I really love the plexion. It ...with witch hazel in... "

" ...also take a guess at Rosacea too. I have dry skin and I use olive oil for cooking though, but use mild witch hazel for cleaaning my gface toio and then the ponds... "

" Hi there! I have rosacea and it is 100 per cent under control. I wash my face with milk or cream, ...essential oil. Or rosewater or witch hazel. I occasionally use grapeseed oil... "

" well, so things like rosacea, keratosis pilaris, or eczema have ...a pretty good article on rosacea on his site that would ...the one CS mentioned) like witch hazel, rosemary essential oil... "

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" ...When I first started, my rosacea got really bad and I ...realized I actually may have rosacea. I just make sure to ...will cause gain too. Also, witch hazel is hcg approved and a... "

" ...did self-experiments on my rosacea. Through trial and error I found cleaning my face with \"witch hazel\" once a week helped. ...spray. Now....don't laugh....I used Tinactin. I would... "

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" makes my eyes itch, and my rosacea is so bad that it really doesn't cover up the redness much at ...and I use witch hazel as a toner. It works quite nicely. I have acne, rosacea, and very d... "

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