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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Rituximab, sold under the trade names Rituxan and MabThera, is a Chimera (protein) monoclonal antibody against the protein...
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Rituxan for Cancer
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Does Rituxan cause Sinus Infections ?

Sinus Infections is a known side effect of Rituxan
#18 in Rituxan discussions - 91 posts discuss Sinus Infections with Rituxan. Sinus Infections is #18 concern in Rituxan discussions.
We found 91 discussions
" ...- I got sinus infections with every single Rituxan treatment I had. Always got sick during that time ...and never get sinusitis anymore. I had ...don't have now either. Rituxan, although a... "

" ...April 2010 then again in august. Started it again 3 weeks ago but my 3rd treament this time was canceled do to my sinus & chest problems. Doc gave me a dose pack. So, is it w... "

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" rituxan in October, the 28th, and had numerous sinus infections which i found out from my onc that its common for rituxan users,which i didint know at the time i was having the sinus problems,... "

" first round of Rituxan, I had a 3.5 month sinus infection and I expect this ...mention the prospect of having painful sinus headaches while having increased RA symptoms, ongoing. Ack. Well... "

" ...received 6 Rituxan treatments since transplant and my first year I did great. Since December I have been fighting a sinus infection and now this nasty cough. Not ...I am on antibiotics, Omepraz... "

Post from
" ...they sure its a sinus infection? My head/sinuses are going ...labs and said I had sinusitis and allergies. Ive had multiple rituxan infusions and one of the side effects is sinusitis? Ive also ... "

" ...reactions to Rituxan, but I definitely felt like I got whacked with something after every one. My immune system was compromised, as I'd always get a cold/sinus infection/cough afterward. Sometimes... "

" ...transplant patients had a continuous sinus infection after his transplant ...(sdale) had trouble with sinus infections, lung issues, and a persistent cough while doing Rituxan maintenance. She'... "

" ...agreed to start Rituxan along with maintenance. I have since developed constant sinus infections and an unrelenting coughing which, I was ...infection issues until I started the Rituxan and I'v... "

" ...and Rituxan? Hi, everyone. I ...scheduled for my quarterly rituxan in a little over a month, with no planned visit with the onc. I used to get sinus infections following every treatment la... "

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