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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
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Rituximab, sold under the trade names Rituxan and MabThera, is a Chimera (protein) monoclonal antibody against the protein...
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Rituxan for Cancer
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Does Rituxan cause Blood Clots ?

#15 in Rituxan discussions - 108 posts discuss Blood Clots with Rituxan. Blood Clots is #15 concern in Rituxan discussions.
We found 108 discussions
" ...Lupus but I am glad that the Rituxan seems to be helping things a lot for you now. Do you have APS (clotting antibodies) or have you ever had a TIA/Stroke/Thrombosis episode? If the answer... "

" Rituxan all most killed me. I found out through ...antibodies that causes blood clots to form. I was given Rituxan as a chemotherapy drug. Apparently it interacted with my blood clotting problem a... "

" ...I am on wafarin as I have had blood clots in my lungs. I have recently been put Imuran and am currently taking 150mg a day. About ...ago I my second treatment of Rituxan. I would like to kno... "

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" ...the choice between Rituxan and splenectomy. I chose Rituxan, and I did get serum sickness from it. ...end up using Rituxan afterwards anyway. That ...the risk of blood clots after splenecto... "

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" ...while back (about 1-2 years) and she was having serious problems with blood clots. Somewhere in her neck area they were forming. She ...the bang wagon to give Rituxan any longer due to some... "

" ...and they work well. Ask about a blood thinner to prevent clots. I didnt take one although ...drugs. We now just use my veins for rituxan. But, there aren't any significant... "

" as you remember was rituxan and 20 mg Revlimid ...I also gat a blood clot in my lung. Used Fragmin to get rid of ...still good and I start Maintenance Rituxan next week. I was... "

" ...get my Rituxan there starting on Friday. It keeps my ...both.And, it also treats my other auto-immune disease called anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome (blood c... "

" ...found out I have anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome. - a blood clotting disorder. So, I need to stay on blood thinners. However, rituxan treats both the Ra and this disorder too. So, that works fo... "

" ...ran a blood test that showed the autoimmune disorder. So, after the 6 months of coumadin, I went to a hematologist that ran more tests - found out I had a ...etc. Are you just taking rituxan... "

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