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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Lenalidomide , initially known as CC-5013 and marketed as Revlimid by Celgene, is a Derivative (chemistry) of thalidomide ...
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Revlimid for Multiple Myeloma
8,944 conversations around the web about Revlimid to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Revlimid and compared it to other Multiple Myeloma medications
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8 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Revlimid cause Tingling ?

#11 in Revlimid discussions - 49 posts discuss Tingling with Revlimid. Tingling is #11 concern in Revlimid discussions.
We found 49 discussions
" ...this point, but I am tingly and shaky. It is ...the Dr. said they would not stop my Revlimid which is fine with me. ...any itching but I take Tylenol PM w/Benadry... "

" Hi, I'm on Revlimid as a maintenance for about ...and my ANC. I have some fatigue and issues with diarrhea ...Lately, I started to feel tingling and numb in my face.... "

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" carry on with Revlimid although I had lost over 10% of my body weight and generally felt rotten and miserable ? also tingling feet etc. My ...being higher in those taking Revlimid was beginn... "

" Cherie, good to hear from you as usual. I'VE been having some chemo side effects from Revlimid, legs going numb at the back & tingling w/ head itching. I'm gonna call Dr. at 9 am. I don't think... "

" ...I had tingling in one arm for one week, then nothing else. Velcade can also cause neuropathy, but again, not for everyone. Revlimid can knock your blood counts way down. I took Revlimid as a... "

" ...steriods,thalidamide and tonight I took the last Revlimid pill. I cant even walk ...feet and fingers are numb,freezing,tingle to where It keeps ...And now im having little mini strokes.(TIA'S... "

" Velcade. When you took Velcade previously, was it sub-q was switched to sub-q, and that tingling pretty much stopped. So, if higher dosages of Revlimid are causing you problems wi... "

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" ...OK, taken with anti-sickness. Revlimid ? dizzy/foggy head, night sweats, ...? making my mouth tingle Plus anti-digestion, anti-viral, anti-biotic, Already suffered from dizziness p... "

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" partner Geoff was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma IgA on 16 July ...Myeloma XI tial and is on the Revlimid. He is still in shock ...He seems to suffer with tingling in the hands, feet and... "

" ...subsidized I could not get it in the usual manner. So I switched to something similar to Lyrica called Gabapenten which I continue to take today -- 300mg once a day. The neuropathy ...been on ... "

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