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Retinal Detachment

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Retinal detachment is a disorder of the human eye in which the retina peels away from its underlying layer of support tissue. Initial ...
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12,365 conversations around the web about Retinal Detachment to help you make a decision
12,365 conversations around the web about Retinal Detachment to help you make a decision
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Retinal Detachment & Disability

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" ...9 months ago, was denied and appealed. She has diabetes and detached retina. She is saving for a second surgery to pay ...are thinking of getting a disability ... "

" ...firm that specialized in SS disability cases. My sister had a disability policy that she funded for years. One day, she suffered a detached retina and it was not repairable.... "

" ...qualifies. Does she have STD coverage? That particular condition (sounds like glaucoma and a detached retina) is usually a slam dunk where approval for Short Term Disability is concerned. Her only... "

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" ...hide behind his detached retina to avoid accountability. ...on about his disability. I am neither disabled nor have anyone disabled in my family. ...picking on someone's disability with ter... "

" ...of training/sparring with fighters (MMA and MT). I had a detached retina from an accidental finger poke and didn't miss a ...eye\"!). The only time I was \"disabled\" by a strike was with... "

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" ...I have social security disability. My eye problems are complications from diabetes. I have diabetic retinopathy, have glaucoma, a ...good eye. Also had a detached retina, vitrectomies, and have ... "

" ...boxers all professionals beat a disabled man with baseball bats and ...admited hitting him but not with weapons he had a detached retina broken ribs depressed fracture of the cheekbone and 17... "

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" ...Thank you. I am angry with my ophthamologist ...saw \"Choroid rupture\" on my disability form. Apparently the retina ...eye at greater risk for retinal detachment, also glaucoma, and greate... "

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" ...Hello--had sugery (cryo,gas ) for detached retina yesturday. I was checked ...everything\". My irritation is gone and swelling going down. I ...should stay home and go on disability?... "

" ...Degenerative Myopia, astygmatism, partially detached retina, blah. Recently i was for years, i have been 'legally blind' w/o my contacts/glasses ...I applied for disability in Ju... "

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