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Replens is taken for: Vaginal Dryness Yeast Infection UTI


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Other names: Rephresh
Method of use: Vaginal Gel
Prescribing mode: OTC
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Replens for Vaginal Dryness
4,523 conversations around the web about Replens to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Replens and compared it to other Vaginal Dryness medications
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Replens & Bladder Problems

11 discussions around the web mention both
Bladder Problems
We found 11 discussions
" ...of menopause , just my dryness and bladder issues. I use very little once a week once I started to feel better on it. I take Estrace vaginal cream which is estradiol (bio-identical). I did n... "

" ...has me on Vagifem 2x a week...much, ...contribute to vaginal atrophy and bladder problems. I've been using the Vagifem for more than plans to stop..I feel too good! I tried Replens, he... "

" Bladder issues? Hi All, I would like of hormones I suffer with bladder problems. The urgency, frequency and ...stop hormones and just use Replens. Any input would be... "

" No, no bladder issues. But as we age ...surgeries or without. I had a lot of bladder issues after my uterus was ...a week I was using RePlens. The vaginal moisturizing product.... "

" ...I didn't have any endometroisis. Replens has helped somewhat.The physical therapy ...doing & what has helped. I have also had bladder problems, inflamation, urinate frequently etc. Might be... "

" ...I have read that low estrogen can lead to bladder issues, and I definitely have low estrogen (am 43 with both ovaries out and just able to use Vagifem twice weekly). I recently bought... "

" ...because of bladder issues, but since ...lubricant called replens, that uses a plunger to put the lube as far into the cavity as possible and lasts several days. It seems to be helping the rubbin... "

" good. Today I ordered replens where you insert 2 x ...lubricates for 3 days, it might help my constant bladder problems too hopefully I've read a bit of testosterone can... "

" ...systemic estrogen. Not treating vaginal atrophy can lead to infection and there can also be bladder issues to consider so do work with your doctor. Products like Replens are not going... "

" ...good lubricant like Replens. You might look a site about vaginal/bladder issues: You will need ...floor and and bladder issues. ... "

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