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Rephresh is taken for: Yeast Infection Bacterial Vaginosis


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Other names: Replens
Method of use: Vaginal Gel
Prescribing mode: OTC
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Rephresh for Bacterial Vaginosis
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We analyzed what people said about Rephresh and compared it to other Yeast Infection medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Rephresh & Bacterial Vaginosis

102 discussions around the web mention both
Bacterial Vaginosis
We found 102 discussions
Man I thought I was doomed to reek like a fresh cracked can of starkist tuna for life. About 1 yr ago I moved from the south to the north, got a full time job and gained 30 lbs. besides that- my life was the same. Same boyfriend of 3 yrs same sex same wardrobe( ok fine.. Bigger pants n panties but same fashion concept) is always showered every day, used whatever soap I felt like and never had any issue. All of the suddenly, months after I moved away from the charmed life is always known, my lady kitty turned into a catfish. I was mortified to pee I the bathroom close to my cube, bc I was scared my coworkers might run into my stall after me and smell my nasty self. It went on for over a year. I'd wake up, wash my privates w frangrance free soap) that's an interesting smell on its own) and I'd put on fresh panties. By 10am, I could smell the fish fry when I peed. By 1 pm, I was certain anyone I walked by could smell it . So I went to the doc, 3 times, and got 1 weeks worth of metro gel each time. Worked for about 1 week, no smell, no weird crampy achey feeling. And then back to reality after the honeymoon. I tried tea tree oil, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and putting lacto pills up inside that ratched thing. All of it worked for a day or 2... Then came back just as as or worse. I was doomed. Then I found rephresh gel. Use it every other day for 1 week, then every 3rd night for another week. Then-- use it after ur period until the smells gone. And it finally stays gone!!! Metro pills and fell kills most of the fish causing bacteria, except for the ones that are like immune to it. The rephresg raises ur ph, to a level that the bacteria can't grow. After 2 wks all signs of them will be gone. Putting other acids in ur vag will help raise the ph initially, but vinegar won't cling to ur walls. Ur regular discharge will push all the acid out in a day or 2, and the rotting salmon scented stuff will be swimming back in no time, since ur body didn't get to strangle it out. Represh gel suffocates in and makes ur junk inhospitable. Now go, spend $30 to knock it out and buy a 3rd stash to keep on hand after ur period. One other helpful tip: if u take a sip of beer wile on metro, if u can hold off on puking, really gives one an incredibly crazy buzz. I'm not recommending this part tho. Just the reprhesh .last tip: lose weight and don't keep a heater on the floor at work, blowing at ur vag. I think my legs were touching and not letting my girl breathe bc y legs had gotten so fat(there's more reasons than looking hot to try to get thigh gap) and then, bc my workplace thnks it should model its climate after Antarctica, I used a floor heater 24/7.. Causing my hoo ha to sweat and suffocate. It was a bv cocktail. That, and shoving size 5 panties over a size 10 ass. Good luck!!
April 12, 2015
Lmao hilarious and insightful
February 25, 2015
Suzy, thank you for your comments. Very insightful and I must admit made me giggle. Your sense of humor is wonderful!! I too run my heater 24/7 at work and hadn't even thought about the bv cocktail I must be brewing up with that. So, thank you for that helpful tip. I will push the heater away and wrap up in my coat.

" ...Bacterial Vaginosis and it is another side effect of having an IUD. I have been diagnosed with it already without an IUD and I guess it can get worse if you have one put in and of course my lovely... "

" ...Bacterial Vaginosis and it is another side effect of having an IUD. I have been diagnosed with it already without an IUD and I guess it can get worse if you have one put in and of course my lovely... "

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" ...bacterial vaginosis off and on for the last four years and was on Flagyl everyday for the last trimester of my pregnancy because of it reoccurring! My OB/GYN recommended using Rephresh... "

" Bacterial vaginosis is caused by a interference in the ph balance so using a neutral ...eradicate it. There are also pessary gels you can get from boots called rephresh that is really effective... "

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