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Relpax is taken for: Migraines Headaches Pain


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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Eletriptan (also known as eletriptan hydrobromide) is a second generation triptan medication marketed and manufactured by Pfizer for t...
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Relpax for Migraines
4,149 conversations around the web about Relpax to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Relpax and compared it to other Migraines medications
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9 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Relpax & Crying

We found 52 discussions
" ...sick with headache..Doctor gave me RELPAX...not working ..It is the worst today.. Feeling tingling in my arms...I ...tomorrow.. I am crying ... "

" (Relpax) I woke up this morning with a brutal migraine. Dr. just gave me new med to try (have used Zomig for years). this is called Relpax. I took half... ...and I could cry my head hur... "

" ...agree with Alyssa.....try Relpax. I used to take ...have much better luck with Relpax. I usually get a migraine when I get sick with anything else: flu, diverticulitis, ANYTHING. So I am... "

" ...Tahoe Last night I took my last Relpax until I can get my ...for two more weeks without Relpax, but at least that time ...poor woman used to call crying in pain, asking us to... "

" ...pain all the time. I was placed on topomax which has greatly reduced the migraines to 1 ...month or two. I take relpax when I do get a ...with them. I could have cried. They are just awful th... "

" to stop crying. I also suffered from migraines while I was using patches to get my estrogen levels up, but my doc prescribed a new migraine medicine called Relpax which was amazing. There ... "

" ...some migraine medication (Relpax) my Doc gave me as a sample. Sometimes I get a very strange \"taste\" in my mouth the night before. This month has been absolutely horrible...I basically cried for... "

" ...on. I'm not needing my Relpax as much as I used I was at the crying point with pain. Also, the ...migraines. I have started using the Benadryl strips (they dissolve and... "

" become addicted to Tramadol. I have ...are making me cry, my family is ...on. I also take Zonisamide at night from my neurologist, and Relpax whenever I need real help. I just wish... "

" bad and the frustration is worse. You have to keep ...drug when I am at my worst is Relpax, up till I got it ...great big hug and let you cry on my shoulders. remember the... "

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