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Rectal Pain

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Rectal pain is the symptom of pain in the area of the rectum. A number of different causes (68) have been documented...
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Common Rectal Pain treatments discussed around the web
Preparation H 16 Anusol 13 Proctofoam 8
5,680 conversations around the web about Rectal Pain to help you make a decision
5,680 conversations around the web about Rectal Pain to help you make a decision
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Rectal Pain & Spasms

7.06% of the posts that mention Rectal Pain also mention Spasms (401 posts)
Rectal Pain
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We found 401 discussions
rectal pain and spasms
I have had rectal pain for 6 years now. Started as a hemmroid or at least thats what I thought. After several scopes and hemmrroidectamy the pain and spasms are still there> The first specialist said coxydenia and tried all sorts of pain meds and creames didnt work. The next specialist said he had seen it before and it was chronic rectal spasms and that they were very painful so he scoped also removing polyups pain still there. Three more scopes later and several polups and hemrroids later we tried different meds that didnt work so they pretty much disabled me and put me on pain meds and antidepressants plus prostate enlarged so on meds for that but its been 6 solid years of pain and I really need a break, getting more and more depressed each day. Also noticed the pain gets worse when im stressed or do alot of lifting or bending or sitting. The pressure is intense feels like sitting with a softball up there and the pain is terrible!!! Anyone else ever heard of this or any help with this??? Disability is killing us and we are or have gone completely broke plus medicaide and medicare only cover so much. I need help!!!

" ...just wanted you to know I had rectal pain and spasms during radiation treatment with oral chemo (xeloda). It was horrible. .... . did adjuvant Folfox. It's been ...but lately have discomfort.... "

" ...has had colon cancer since 2001, ...last surgery failed. He is now experiencing rectal pain/spasms. The Dr's give him ...when your driving. Does anyone know of a way to relieve the spas... "

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" Ouch, ouch, ouch Anyone have problems with rectal pain? I experience spasms from time to time that are so painful I ...had classic symptoms for 20 years....I just assumed I had to put up with pain... "

" ...not having sphinter spasms before ...only problem. Now i am having terrible rectal pai... "

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" me so much with both vaginal and rectal pain....20mg. And they help make easier, much less painful bowel movements... "

" ...all these kids suffering from this painful condition. I'm not much help with kids suffering proctalgia fujax but I do ...pubotectalis muscle as I understand it is a spasming of this muscle that... "

" Just tell him you are having rectal spasms? Do you have any antispasmodics? ...they would help. I complained of rectal pain and my doc gave me Librax. Mine were so few... "

" ...rectal pain since ...Botox. I'm wondering will healing spasms heal the fissure or will healing fissures stop the spasms? Basically what came first the chicken or the egg? Also ice which helped m... "

" ...if it is behind the uterus. do you have any lower back pain ? rectal pain ? tail bone pain ? what sort of pain is it ? burning/stabbing/throbbing ? do you get spasms and twitches... "

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