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Reclast is taken for: Osteoporosis Cancer


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Other names: Zometa
Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
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Reclast for Osteoporosis
3,308 conversations around the web about Reclast to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Reclast and compared it to other Osteoporosis medications
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9 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Reclast cause Rash ?

Rash is a known side effect of Reclast
#25 in Reclast discussions - 22 posts discuss Rash with Reclast. Rash is #25 concern in Reclast discussions.
We found 22 discussions
" Topic: Rash with Reclast Just had my first infusion of Reclast last Wednesday. On Friday, I ...night, I developed a rash that started on my ...Anybody else ever get a rash from a Reclast infusi... "

" ...and only infusion of reclast in 2008. I had severe weakness, rash, dizziness, jaw pain, became allergic to many antibiotics ...pts. to complain about Reclast. He later apologized, said... "

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" I had the reclast iv done in the morning. I woke up at 3am, stomach upset, my head was hurting. Then when I got up I had a rash on top of my arms. It all went away. Also, nobody told me... "

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" ...shots. The 1st treatment was concurrent with IV Reclast and caused 104 fever and full-out flu symptoms. Radiation started 8wks later. ...but intensely itchy arm rashes have disappeared. 8. I ... "

" I am glad the rash has started to go away. ...your other side effects from reclast have started to fade also.... "

" Hi Deprazy, I just had my first infusion of Reclast this summer too. I have not heard of anyone getting a rash. I would call your oncologist and check it out.... "

Post from
" ...addisons and osteoporosis.I have aclasta infusion 3 times.The first ...crisis then an awful rash for 3 weeks.Seen endo ...offer me.....good job aclasta infusion good for a year or so as i hav... "

" ...morning to ask about my rash. I was told that a rash is a very, very, very rare SE of Reclast (ie one they had read about but never seen....) and that I should take some Claritin and call them ba... "

" ...but noticed I got a rash on my right fluid and antibiotics. I'm supposed to go in every 2 years for infusion but am wondering if I had a bad reacation to it, anybody else out there get a r "

" ...several weeks of rashes, but I ...Prolia caused the rash, but he felt the shot could be harmful. He wants me to now do Reclast which I have ...So the Prolia really did not help a great deal.... "

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