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rash is a change of the human skin which affects its color, appearance or wikt:texture. A rash may be localized in one part of the bod...
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Common Rash treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 18,101 Desitin 9,226 Prednisone 9,164
1,075,384 conversations around the web about Rash to help you make a decision
1,075,384 conversations around the web about Rash to help you make a decision
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Rash & Potassium Supplements

We found 515 discussions
" ...about the reaction. Hope the rash goes away soon. I take HCTZ, and it does work ...started taking it for my Meniere's disease. There a few other ...but most are not as potassium sparing as t... "

" ...around my eyes were not a rash it was from when i threw up and lack of oxygen when throwing up. This ...stacked with M-1p and had more weight gains, This cycle i ran ...wedge for the taurine... "

" ...the cream and i got a rash as i have a very on the net, take pain killers but aspirin and the biggest problem ...that anymore since it raises potassium. i need a new pain... "

" ...on 50 mg of levothyroxine...6 pills a ...licorice root extract... and potassium or i eat 3 bannanas a day.... mine started with rashes on my neck & ...into sick...since june i am sick a wee... "

" ...Last night i started taking potassium, 1 last night before bed ...all day my eyes have been puffy and theres a rash around both of my eyes. ...stop the MM and the Potassium and go into my... "

" ...have some skin rashes on my private far my rashes on my private part is gone but my rashes on my face gets worse. I think the ...curam antibiotic. Please help how to treat this rashes b... "

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" coming up abnormal. I'm slightly anemic and my potassium is low, but other than that the doc said ...why I had a severe rash and they might not ever ...I do believe I have Celiac because 9... "

" well I was told the rashes and welts were just an allergic reaction and was perscribed a steriod cream ...time I vomited blood I was put on a potasium iv but they still told me that nothing was... "

" Lasix and potassium For anyone on Lasix or ...20 more at night and I was also presc5ribed potassium 750 ml twice a day .I was ok for ...the potassium, .I alsop get a rash.I want to know if... "

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" ...let them know about your rash . It could be an allergy to an antibiotic or some med that you have had. I'd take 2 benadryl 's to help with ...have antibiotics or possibly potassium in your iv? ... "

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