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seroma is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery. When small blood vessels are ruptured, blo...
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29,861 conversations around the web about Seroma to help you make a decision
29,861 conversations around the web about Seroma to help you make a decision
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Radiation Therapy & Seroma

We found 382 discussions
" ...Mammosite radiation therapy for 5 days twice a day. My RO recommended breast massage 10 minutes a day to prevent seroma.... "

" Have seroma but seeing dr re radiotherapy Thanks and good luck to you too! Starting on... "

" Have seroma but seeing dr re radiotherapy Start of treatment. It was fine - took 45 a fridge and I was literally shivering after 10 mins! Taking... "

" just waiting to start radiotherapy, but have a seroma so r having to wait... "

" ...the moon!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! I see my oncologist next week for a referral re radiotherapy. Meanwhile, I had the seroma drained again last night and am hoping things are starting to slow down a... "

" Have seroma but seeing dr re radiotherapy Hi. Glad your session went well apart from the consultant surgeon last evening and I now have an infection so one more thing to contend with but... "

" ...borderline I am now having radiotherapy. I had my CT scan ...It all went okay. Treatment is being delayed die to seroma but I start on the ...have hit a blip. I am very emotional, can't sleep... "

" Hi there Glad you're seroma has settled. I've had seroma for 4 months post mastectomy for lobular cancer. I fill. I still have some seroma but my radiotherapy is going ahead in 4... "

" Seroma and radiotherapy Hi all I had my ...and have been having a seroma drained weekly since then. Last ...swollen. Has anyone else had problems starting their radiotherapy because of a s... "

" Hi Laura I do still have seromas but my radiotherapy is going ahead - planning meeting on 18th Nov but can't again until radiotherapy is finished. Hopefully all your... "

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