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Category: Dietary supplement
Proanthocyanidins, also known as OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) or condensed tannins, are a subgroup of the flavonoid class of po...
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What people say about Pycnogenol and Melasma ?

#5 in Pycnogenol discussions - 67 posts discuss Melasma with Pycnogenol.
We found 67 discussions
" ...nothing to do with my melasma. The rest of the test ...a year. I had the melasma BEFORE I went to the ...inside of me. I have dermal AND epidermal melasma and I need to... "

" and tried everything for melasma with pretty good results. Per, I've added L-glutathione and pycnogenol to my msm supplements. The Otentika Hypercreme seems... "

" ...dose of msm, and added the vitamin c. i also take the grapefruit see extract, glutathione, and pycnogenol. i don't see any difference, and i know its probably too early to see anything. i... "

" ...a look They sell it in Holland and Barrett 1 I... "

" pretty much wrecked with melasma and congestion. I've tried other ...Mica, Iron Oxides, Organa Silica, Vitamin E, Pycnogenol Any other simple, talc-free pressed... "

" ...dark For me msm did not make my melasma go away but i ...some of the causes behind melasma hence make melasma lighten or reverse however it ...per se. Same for pycnogenol. However if it pro... "

" ...Melasma Girl here... Hi ...SPF 70 religiously and have since the melasma showed up. After spending a couple of hours poring over this forum, I'd like to add MSM and Pycnogenol. Anyway,... "

" ...derm office. Great for sunspots, melasma) Skin-Sunscreen 30 to 100spf Skin-BioOil w/PureCellin Skin-Pycnogenol 100mg (oral tablet) Skin-Phytoceramides w/Lipowheat... "

" house! I have been taking MSM for about a week and a half now. Not sure I notice any difference in Melasma - how much should I the oregano oil and pycnogenol and a probiotic as I... "

" makeup on. Maybe your melasma is not that bad ? ...go away. It is only melasma that is really unbelievably stubborn. %of face affected by melasma: 80% Upper lip affected ?... "

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