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Psyllium , or Ispaghula , is the common name used for several members of the plant genus Plantago whose seeds are used comme...
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Psyllium for Constipation
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Does Psyllium cause Candida?

#1 in Psyllium discussions - 671 posts discuss Candida with Psyllium. Candida is #1 concern in Psyllium discussions.
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form. I feel like psyllium helps grow the candida...
" ...Things like cabbage and fiber supplements really seem to bloat me up, but my problem is it won't come out. I continue with the food fiber, but mostly pass on the supplement form. I feel like... "
um - with fantastic results (many candida threads coming...
" ...want to use an antifungal ( and magnesium/vitamin B supplements along. I have done a Juice fast - along with psyllium - with fantastic results (many... "
cleanse would not hurt. Unless you get rid of the candida...
" ...see magnesium and vit. B on your protocol, did you simply omit to mention them along with zinc? if not, you must ...of cod fish oil, lecithin & salmon oil (or linseed oil) . A psyllium bowel cleanse... "
have leaky Gut/candida.Since last summer I have been t...
" Psyllium I have leaky Gut/candida.Since last summer I have been ...flushes and antifungals.I have been mixing Psyllium, Glutamine and MSM together first ...this, is because how the Psyllium powder I take... "
or something to help with the constipation (psyllium d...
" Cat's Claw for candida and constipation I don't know ...good idea for people with candida to take it. Also since ...about it cause i have candida and constipation and am obviously lookin for something to... "
s way too thin at the time.I had to kill the Candida fir...
" ...rectal bleeding. I took Pysllium and it almost ripped my guts right out (lots of bleeding and not good bleeding), the lining of my intestines was way too thin at the time. I had to kill the Candida... "
will get a white tongue: it witnesses that the candida...
" ...Whenever I treat myself with psyllium (bowel clease), I will get a white tongue: it witnesses that the candida and toxins released in my intestien are toxic: toxic intestine. In order to cure... "
here The one im using has psyllium, but I reread the i...
" ...available here The one im using has psyllium, but I reread the instruction pamphlet and it said constipation is a common side-effect ...stand it though because... "
am taking 2 psyllium capsules in the morning about 2 hours...
" I am taking 2 psyllium capsules in the morning about 2 ...heard about capryllic acid making candida a stronger more resistant type. I ...about any adverse effect on candida though. Have you had any... "
um with a fast is how I have been passing most candida threa...
" ...they will be dragged out. Psyllium acts a s a brush ...supplementing with lactobacteria in between. Psyllium can be used with meals..... ...not affect your guts. Having psyllium with a fast is how I have... "

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