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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: OTC
*Off Label
Psyllium , or Ispaghula , is the common name used for several members of the plant genus Plantago whose seeds are used comme...
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Psyllium for Constipation
19,319 conversations around the web about Psyllium to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Psyllium and compared it to other Constipation medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Psyllium & Aspartame

We found 64 discussions
" ...reminds me to ask: are psyllium capsules ok to take? I take something call ultrafiber. it's got psyllium and prune mostly. it's \"all ...husks in bulk without sugar, aspartame or flavoring... "

" ...oat fiber, apple fiber, psyllium powder, prune powder, was sweetened with aspartame or anything. (I wouldn't want that). Out of the two, I'm assuming the Ultra Fiber pills are better, ... "

" ...psyllium) and begin using some glycerin suppositories and maybe a stool softener like dulcsate just to clean out your poor distended colon and then from there begin using a suppository a day to he... "

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" ...told me to take Metamucil, saying it was gentle. Too bad it has Aspartame! It only says on is sweetened with Aspartame. My pharmacist was even upset about that! Pure psyllium is too harsh ... "

" ...I drink). I've been taking 6 gm methylcellulose (I use generic water since I'm sensitive to aspartame, but ymmv) a day (instead of something like psyllium/Metamucil since I \"ferment\" it... "

" Quote: Instead of pills, try the loose bulk psyllium powder that you add to ...I use orange flavored with aspartame (personal choice). The bulk stuff ...OPPOSITE can happen, and ps... "

" prevent me from having to react to it. I'd recommend doing the same thing. Remember SF Metamucil is sweetened with aspartame, so the better choice are the 100% psyllium... "

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" Sugar-free metamucil has Aspartame, if I'm not mistaken, and Aspartame gives me a headache, so ...away from it. Does Aspartame cause gas like sugar? ...dose. It could be the psyllium that's g... "

" ...a tablespoon of plain Psyllium makes for a very aware that the \"name\" brand psyllium fibers tend to have a lot of added maltodextrin (filler starch) aspartame, sugar, and artificial col... "

" ...anyone heard of a laxative along similar lines to psyllium called ispaghula husk granules? I decided to try isogel instead of metamucil (which contains citric acid, aspartame and possibly... "

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