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(Psychotic disorder)
Psychosis means abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatry term for a mental state often described as involving a "l...
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Common Psychotic treatments discussed around the web
Seroquel 9,454 Abilify 6,066 Zyprexa 5,475
326,107 conversations around the web about Psychotic to help you make a decision
326,107 conversations around the web about Psychotic to help you make a decision
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Psychotic & Vitamin Deficiency

0.21% of the posts that mention Vitamin Deficiency also mention Psychotic (38 posts)
Vitamin Deficiency
We found 38 discussions
" ...them to consider taking a vitamin B1/B12 and that they may want to discuss this ...with alcoholism have a vitamin deficiency that may lead to wernicke-korsakoffs psychosis and how taking vitamin... "

" you know I have all the symptoms of b-vitamin deficiency. I've been getting little red dots - petichae I I don't know if psychosis can be treated any other... "

" ...person. I don't know about vitamin D, but a B12 ...kinds of psychiatric symptoms, even psychosis. If you want to ...and overcome the problems that the vitamin deficiency has caused you will h... "

" ...legally insane for the deaths of her children. She will be think that post partum psychosis can reach the level of ...the result of a mere vitamin deficiency. Yet I believe it to... "

" ...e.g. ulcerative colitis, causing vitamin deficiency, but it is probably ...protein transport/metabolic disorders cause psychosis and are treated with ...preventing relapses into psychosis. B... "

" ... E - Vitamin Deficiency (Orthamecular medicine) - ...- More pres... "

" ... E - Vitamin Deficiency (Orthamecular medicine) - ...- More ... "

" ... as well as most others. Vitamin deficiency leads to increased anxiety ...TC He shows his ignorance and blindness with every post it ...simply ask him why he is psychotic if you are ... "

" ...years or so after her latest extreme mood psychosis/delusional episode wears off, it's always due to some new ...from their diet, or a vitamin deficiency (none of which are checked... "

" ...E - Vitamin Deficiency (Orthamecular medicine) ...experience - http://www.tygersofw...m/psychosis.htm More presumed causes... "

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