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(Psychotic disorder)
Psychosis means abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatry term for a mental state often described as involving a "l...
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Common Psychotic treatments discussed around the web
Seroquel 9,450 Abilify 6,055 Zyprexa 5,470
325,789 conversations around the web about Psychotic to help you make a decision
325,789 conversations around the web about Psychotic to help you make a decision
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Psychotic & Beta Blockers

We found 562 discussions
" ... Beta-Blockers, Prozac and Diazepam. However during this difficult period I underwent spiritual change, hullicinations, voices everything. What I am wondering is this a lot of medication to... "

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" ...the symptoms of her psychosis. She also suffers from ...Recently her physician swapped her beta blocker from atenolol to Bisoprolol stating ...mental) regarding this new beta blocker because ... "

" need to check your bP and pulse often on beta blockers (coz they can be dangerous ...person. FOr instance, there's an anti-psychotic on the market that in... "

" ...been taking for that long.The beta blocker sounds like the bad guy ...very disturbing side effect of anti-psychotic medication and can take many years before it appears. (tardive... "

" ...(ChrisC) wrote: I have just suffered from a psychosis. I'm am now on Lithium, Beta-Blockers, Prozac and Diazepam. However during... "

" ...nervous breakdown. Basically I go into a panicky self destructive mode where ...couple of days. I tried beta blockers a long long time ago ...a low dose of an anti-psychotic for the anxiety.... "

" within a day or so blocking out my constant psychotic episodes (hearing voices). Cons: I see why this med ...but I'm back to insomnia again. I'm also on a beta blocker and an AD. We all... "

" ...I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin with severe restless legs and over-all twitchiness. What is the treatment for akathesia? I already take inderal (beta blocker) and it doesn't seem to ... "

" ...he suggested a medication called Geodon. He said it was an anti-psychotic medication that would help both ...suggestion he made was Atenolol, which I guess is a beta-blocker. He also suggested a... "

" ...coping with it alright...i have beta blockers but have only taken them ...someones telling you to have a little bit because you'll feel better it can be hard ...would hate to end up psychoti... "

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