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Psoriasis is a autoimmune disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system mistakes the skin cells as a pathogen, ...
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Common Psoriasis treatments discussed around the web
Methotrexate 8,421 Enbrel 6,499 Humira 4,567
164,644 conversations around the web about Psoriasis to help you make a decision
164,644 conversations around the web about Psoriasis to help you make a decision
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Psoriasis & Peppermint Oil

We found 70 discussions
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" My DH has psoriasis. A friend said that peppermint oil was helpful. I'll let you... "

" ...oils, multivitamin, vitamin d and peppermint oil for my psoriasis. It really helps! Try organic... "

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" ...boys every winter. Her skin is sensitive too (Psoriasis) and we've had success ...thinks its the peppermint oil that keeps her ...Licenex isn't too expensive. Does anyone else have lice probl... "

" ...psoriasis. I have no interest in getting any steroidal creams to put on my skin. This was confined only to my forearms and it has long disappeared. It definitely was not a bug bite or reaction t... "

" ...stop you from locing. Everyone has their method for dealing with it. My latest? A spray of peppermint oil, witch hazel, aloe gel and a little water. I also use a friends hair butter that has tea... "

" ...kicks in, and you feel sick and psoriasis flares. This phenomenon was first ...just a week or so. Peppermint oil is anti-microbial, and other supplements NYGuy... "

" ...vitamin d and peppermint oil for my psoriasis.... "

" ...not having milk. My IBS had been doing lots better until just before christmas ...I take colpermin which is peppermint oil tablets quite a lot and ...IBS and have had psoriasis from being 18.... "

" ...but I was diagnosed with IBS sometime last year and have been prescribed peppermint oil capsules (called Colpermin - ...I also suffer from anxiety and stress. (I've had Psoriasis since birth whi... "

" ...the enteric coated peppermint oil before meals..the ibuprofen ...i think i left a link on a 20% association between gout or pseudogout and psoriasis.. I have found that vitamin C works well for... "

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