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Prescribing mode: OTC
Pseudoephedrine ( or PSE) is a sympathomimetic drug of the substituted phenethylamine and substituted amphetamine chemical cla...
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Pseudoephedrine for Allergies
18,281 conversations around the web about Pseudoephedrine to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Pseudoephedrine and compared it to other Allergies medications
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Pseudoephedrine & Vasodilation

We found 23 discussions
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" ...for red eyes? well i've got bad allergies lately and i was prescribed pseudoephedrine for my sinuses ...anyway the red eye is caused by vasodilation, would a vasoconstrictor (pseudoephedrine) be... "

" ...drug causes an all around vasodilation through out the body (not a good thing). More non-selective vasodilation = headaches, stuffy nose. For ...stuffy nose you can take pseudoephedrine. The RPM... "

" ...killer headache. I took aspirin and pseudofed ...are partially due to vasodilation of cerebral blood ...vasoconstrictor. Ephedrine is a vasocontrictor. Pseudoephedrine is a vasoconstr... "

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" ...and caused a hypotensive crisis which i suspect was caused by excessive vasodilation (my skin became very cold and my orthostatic blood pressure regulation became inadequate and i had to lay... "

" ...blood flow and vasodilation, so it is ...popular nasal decongestant pseudophedrine, although to a lesser extent. The psychological pressure and stress to perform also do not help. My advice i... "

" ...As far as use of pseudoephedrine it can help, however be counter-productive. The reason pseudoephedrine works is because it is turn reduces swelling. pseudoephedrine is foun... "

" me because I keep rediscovering how much better pseudoephedrine makes me feel. I ...and CFS- cerebral vasodilation. Whether the root ...just counteracting inappropriate vasodilation (may... "

" ...histamine reaction is, of course, vasodilation to the affected region, so ...agonist that alpha2 and given that phenylephrine (an alpha1 agonist) is ...a decongestant. As for pseudoephedrine ... "

" and exercise recovery is zinc. Look into it. Generally ...I was 21 I took pseudoephedrine 90 mg plus 600 mg ...pump. If you really need vasodilation, take 500 mg niacin. The flush ... "

" ...You might try using pseudophedrine on your... "

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