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Progesterone Levels

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Common Progesterone Levels treatments discussed around the web
Clomid 10,584 Prometrium 2,581 Crinone 1,167
73,273 conversations around the web about Progesterone Levels to help you make a decision
73,273 conversations around the web about Progesterone Levels to help you make a decision
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Progesterone Levels & Tingling

0.09% of the posts that mention Progesterone Levels also mention Tingling (68 posts)
Progesterone Levels
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We found 68 discussions
" ...round of clomid and my progesterone levels were around 15 last Wednesday. My nipples are tingly and very sensitive! But I'm not feeling any soreness anywhere else on the breast. I feel exhausted an... "

" ...for thinking of me! Well clomid has shot my progesterone levels through the roof, and for breasts are really tingly. So I'm not sure ...progesterone, or a baby! My period is du... "

" ...menopause, it's related to the estrogen/progesterone levels.... but I'm not sure how!! Do you get the tingly lips and cheeks a ...clues?? Ask to have estrogen and progesterone levels done too. ... "

" ...once and had too many side effects -I didn't sleep all night, my heart started racing and had tingling and numbness in my right arm. Apparently I am no longer a candidate to continue taking it. I... "

" concern that my progesterone levels aren't high enough to maintain a pregnancy. So I have to take Prometrium (progesterone) vaginally - ...soreness is constant. My bb's are tingling a littl... "

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" ...after I believe I have O'd, I start getting sick in the mornings...nothing too I also have tingling in my breasts. Of ...sign because it mean my progesterone levels are good after ovu... "

" ...a preg test. V.excited, but trying not to get over excited incase its a no. I have had lots of the same symptoms as everyone else, sore breats, lots of tingly and movement style feelings down belo... "

" all depends on my Progesterone levels when they are high boobs ever before they were tingling all evening i even this stage. Boobs tingling again today but I'm putting... "

" ...of contraception (condoms). I feel so bloated, and my boobs are sore and big and my nipples tingle and get itchy! I'm constantly itching them! ...your oestroegen levels and your progesterone le... "

" ...can sometimes increase your progesterone levels in the LP which may be causing the tingly boobs. Let's hope that... "

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