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Proctitis is an inflammation of the anus and the lining of the rectum, affecting only the last 6\n inches of the rectum...
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Common Proctitis treatments discussed around the web
Cortifoam 255 Colifoam 44 Proctofoam 41
6,286 conversations around the web about Proctitis to help you make a decision
6,286 conversations around the web about Proctitis to help you make a decision
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Proctitis & SSRIs

We found 24 discussions
" ...I have definitely noticed my UC worsening relative to my stress level. I eventually started UC went from severe proctitis to moderate proctitis. So, I think it helped some.... "

" taking Lexapro to help ...with UC (proctitis) during the ...find that Lexapro has helped me make better decisions regarding my UC, diet and overall treatment and management. I think it has... "

" ...I stopped zoloft about 4 months ago also because of weight gain. I was on it for 2 years and it didnt seem to work anymore for the ...just got diagnosed with colitis/proctitis and always have s... "

" ...Diagnosed Jan. 2010 with Proctitis Asacol 400 mg x ...calcium supplement daily multi vitamin Lexapro (stress management) Proventil (for asthma) ...Low platelet count (had this several years b... "

" ...anxiuos by nature, he prescribed Prozac and another antipsychotic along with ...are the cause of my proctitis problem and I should have of them solved my proctitis problem. I haven't h... "

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" ...had all the symptoms of proctitis, without having proctitis, was in constant pain and ...and the GI doc put me on Questran. 2 days after I ...put me on trazadone and celexa and I can sleep a... "

" ...just seemed to have put on 5-7 is mostly in ...of my colon, with proctitis. Soo..i have taken lexapro before and didnt have ...Multi-Vit Lomotil prn Lexapro 10 mg Mommy to my wonderfu... "

" ...posted on the ulcerative colitis forum about ...get. I have gastritis, colitis and proctitis. Had precancerous polyps ...antidepressants I was on at the time (Celexa and Welbutrin) had colit... "

" ...I have posted on the ulcerative colitis forum ...I have gastritis, colitis and proctitis. Had precancerous ...antidepressants I was on at the time (Celexa and Welbutrin) had colitis listed as... "

" ...March because of my proctitis and the IV steriods ...just started out on paxil, that can be the ...the morning? I took paxil for many years - years ago. It also can cause nausea and jitters. ... "

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