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Throat Swelling

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3,458 conversations around the web about Throat Swelling to help you make a decision
3,458 conversations around the web about Throat Swelling to help you make a decision
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Pregnancy & Throat Swelling

We found 63 discussions
" I am very allergic to wheat and soy, ...handle moderate amounts during my pregnancy. Instead of my throat swelling shut it simply makes me... "

" ...with Ft. Campbell's hospital - I had a major allergic reaction to the birth control patch when I was going to APSU and it took my throat swelling shut before they ...this whole pregnancy can be... "

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" My throat swelling started about a year or two after developing the ...and restaurants. My only worry now is are allergies hereditary, as I'm currently pregnant with... "

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" ...pregnancy My UK's anti-histamine stocks that are safe to use during pregnancy will be pass \"use by\" date next week. I only take them when I get strung by bee as my mouth and throat swelling up if... "

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" ...with treatment. I am pregnant(mid forties) again and diagnosed with a clotting disorder. Lovenox causes throat swelling because I suffer from ...I am taking low dose baby aspirin along with... "

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" ...the whole way through the pregnancy but I cant eat and ...just taking them so my throat swelling goes down and I can be gone. Its ruining pregnancy for me. Xoxo me (23)... "

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" sulfates, I am DEATHLY allergic to sulfates. As in it equals instant hives, my throat swelling shut, etc. So ...chart and give me magnesium sulfate and kill me. God, this pregnancy has tur... "

" ...and went blue from her throat swelling dont worry about it if ...allergy. my second daught had a peanut allergy at 1 and some ...products almost at all during pregnanc... "

" usually have to take 4 benedryl to have any effect, ...dose is better than my throat swelling closed. I'd call your ob ...know whether they're safe during pregnancy, but that's what saved... "

" ...allergy while pregnant... I had several food allergies pre-pregnancy. Lately I have begun breaking out in hives and my throat swelling. I haven't ate allergy during pregnancy and if so... "

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