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Prednisone is a synthetic corticosteroid drug that is particularly effective as an immunosuppressive drug drug. It is used to treat ce...
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Prednisone for Inflammation
448,840 conversations around the web about Prednisone to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Prednisone and compared it to other Inflammation medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Prednisone & Swollen Ankles

324 discussions around the web mention both
Swollen Ankles
We found 324 discussions
" I get the joint pain too in the ankles, knees and hips. My ankles swell badly and ROM it greatly reduced. Usually pred is the only thing for me that helps and it usually helps very quickly 2-3 days... "

" ...knees swelled after taking prednisone. I still have some residual swelling in my ankles and I have been... "

" how long did they put you on PREDNISONE FOR? i am having ankle swelling and red spots i went to the hospital waz ...know but put me on PREDNISONE 1 full take the nex... "

" ...arms hurt a lot and feet. I still have swelling in my ankles some since prednisone and 6 MP. I LOVED taking prednisone and wish one could take it indefinitely - but... "

" PredniSONE Acne, swollen ankles, predisone, cheeks, allergies ...I've been on Predisone for about 5 months ...meds again the acne came back. I also, have experienced swollen ankles but that was... "

" ...constant. I also have extream swelling on the sides ...comment. For me, this was before prednison. My feet and ankles swell on occasion. Currently, I am taking 5 mg of prednison with no change. ... "

" ...RA and have been on pred since being diagnosed ...ttc. I found the pred improved my RA symptoms dramatically altho on a high dose (25mg or over) you are prone to swollen ankles, moon face and w... "

" ...Fran, I also have more swelling than usual in ...I eat salted foods. Prednisone also causes my ankles ...go down, but I've had more ankle swelling since I've been on prednisone than ever be... "

" your legs swell? I have circulation damaged by 18 years of prednisone and have found relief by seeing an oncology ...a year ago, the swelling in my ankles has been even more relieved - I thi... "

" ...ankles swell to astonishing size from it and the raised red spots go all the way up my leg as well and in the joints in my hand. What you described sounds just like what I get. I only recently fo... "

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