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Prednisone is a synthetic corticosteroid drug that is particularly effective as an immunosuppressive drug drug. It is used to treat ce...
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Prednisone for Inflammation
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Does Prednisone cause Angina?

#156 in Prednisone discussions - 83 posts discuss Angina with Prednisone. Angina is #156 concern in Prednisone discussions.
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We found 83 discussions
ade my blood pressure go through the roof and the Angina...
" Jim You be careful with that prednizone, that stuff made my blood pressure go through the roof and the Angina was horrible, i had a BP of 200 over 117 so watch your blood pressure ok, some... "
plaquenil,mexotrexate, we all have all the symptoms...
" ...a lot even though i am on medications these are prednisone plaquenil,mexotrexate, we all have all the symptoms you are describing and ...i was before i took prednisone but now am worse i ...also have thyroid... "
my life. i am on prednisone , plaquenil, mexotrexate you...
" ...does my mother i have angina and have had many miscarriages and 1 still birth ...9 weeks premature and has autism have only found out ...and premature births have had kidney problems all my life. i am on... "
Prednisone and/or sertraline cause Angina ?I wish I could h...
" Will Prednisone and/or sertraline cause Angina ? I wish I could help but I too ...meds and high cholesterol meds. When you speak of angina, is that like a heart attack or similar to... "
this is a pred side effect...scary and painful. Hope you...
" ...but I have recently had real trouble with muscle spasms. An esophagial spasm felt like angina or heart attack and lasted ...hours. I learned this is a pred... "
ina and a cyst in my clivus I find prednisone helps...
" does adderall (adderrall) help sleep apnea?  does it help you think ...I am ADHD after sleep apnea for years?   it seems all these ...issue except MVP and occasional angina and a cyst in my clivus I find... "
The docs are weaning me off of Prednisone, 10mg every other...
" ...with IPF, CIDP, and mild Angina. My Neurologist said it was ...likely from the 40mg of Prednisone (steroid) I took every day, ...them. The docs are weaning me off of Prednisone, 10mg every other day.... "
generous quantity. My propensity to angina brought on by em...
" ...posted to I picked up on the statement \"Prednisone can weaken your immune system\". Hmm, like any drug ...take it in generous quantity. My propensity to angina brought on by emotion remains.... "
ut 6 months without any problem.... Mike...
" ...that lower left chest would indicate angina, but it may indicate ...on Armour...days? weeks? I have tried Armour and Cytomel about 3 times - ...days on it. I have been taking pred for about... "
still have slight angina occasionally. Definitely reduced...
" ...LAD. After 1 week, noticed angina worse than before. Cardiologist ordered ...amlodipine to maintain relax, and prednisone in case of allergic issue. ...3 days later, still have slight angina occasionally.... "

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